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Kun Gao
Research Assistant Professor

Basic Introduction:

Dr. Kun Gao is currently a Research Assistant Professor at the Southern University of Science and Technology. He is a registered utility Engineer (water supply and drainage), and mainly engaged in the field of heavy metal biogeochemistry in mining areas, and biological treatment for acid mine wastewater. He has published 27 papers (9 papers as the first/corresponding author). His research projects have been funded by agencies such as the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, and the National Science Foundation of China.


Professional Experience:

2023.8-present: Research Assistant Professor, Southern University of Science and Technology.

2021.7-2023.7: Postdoctoral fellow, Southern University of Science and Technology.

2012.7-2013.8: Assistant Engineer, China Construction eighth Bureau Second construction Co., LTD.



2017.9-2021.6: Ph.D. Environmental Science and Engineering, South China University of Technology.

2014.9-2017.6: M.S. Municipal Engineering, Chang'an University.

2008.9-2012.6: B.S. Water Supply and Drainage Engineering, Shandong Jianzhu University.


Synergistic Activities:

Peer reviewer of SCI academic journals of Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, and ACS Earth and Space Chemistry.


Awards and Honors:

2010, 2011: Outstanding Student, Shandong Jianzhu University.

2017: Outstanding Graduates, Chang’an University.

2020: President Scholarship, South China University of Technology.

Selected funded projects:

1. China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, The mineralogical transformation of ferrihydrite and associated arsenic mobilization and redistribution induced by sulfate-reducing bacteria, 2022-2023, PI.

2. Guangdong Basic and Applied Basic Research Foundation, Effect of phosphate on ferrihydrite biotransformation and the associated arsenic behavior in aquifers. 2022-2024, PI.

3. Key project of National Natural Science Foundation, Transformation of secondary Fe-sulfate minerals and its constraint on transport of heavy metals in mining area, 2018-2022, Co-PI.

4. National key research and development project, Prevention and control system for heavy metal pollution in the groundwater in mining area, 2019-2023, Co-PI.


Research Interests:

1. Biogeochemical behavior of heavy metals in mining area

2. Biological treatment of acid mine wastewater


Published Works:

1. Wenjing Zhou, Huiyan Zhu, Shiwen Hu, Bowei Zhang, Kun Gao*, Zhi Dang, Chongxuan Liu. Dynamic coupling of ferrihydrite transformation and associated arsenic desorption/redistribution mediated by sulfate-reducing bacteria. Journal of Environmental Sciences. 2024, 135: 39-50.

2. Kun Gao, Huiyan Zhu, Wenjing Zhou, Shiwen Hu, Bowei Zhang, Zhi Dang, Chongxuan Liu*. Effect of phosphate on ferrihydrite transformation and the associated arsenic behavior mediated by sulfate-reducing bacterium. Journal of Hazardous Materials. 2023, 448: 130863.

3. Kun Gao,Zhang Bowei,Liu Chongxuan*. Characteristics and mechanisms of heavy metal pollution in acid mine drainage environments. (Chinese core journal). 2023, 46: 78-84.

4. Kun Gao, Qiaomei Feng,Wenjing Zhou,Chongxuan Liu*. Arsenic pollution mechanism and associated remediation strategy in acid mine drainage environments. (Chinese core journal). 2022, 45: 107-116.

5. Kun Gao, Yue Hu, Chuling Guo *, Changdong Ke, Guining Lu, Zhi Dang*. Mobilization of arsenic during reductive dissolution of As(V)-bearing jarosite by a sulfate reducing bacterium. Journal of Hazardous Materials. 2021, 402: 123717.

6. Kun Gao, Yue Hu, Chuling Guo *, Changdong Ke, Chucheng He, Xinrui Hao, Guining Lu, Zhi Dang*. Effects of adsorbed phosphate on jarosite reduction by a sulfate reducing bacterium and associated mineralogical transformation. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety. 2020, 202: 110921.

7. Kun Gao, Mengge Jiang, Chuling Guo *, Yufei Zeng, Cong Fan, Junhui Zhang, Reinfelder J R, Huang W, Lu G, Dang Z*. Reductive dissolution of jarosite by a sulfate reducing bacterial community: secondary mineralization and microflora development. Science of the Total Environment. 2019, 690: 1100-1109.

8. Kun Gao, Jianqiang Zhao*, Guanghuan Ge, Xiaoqian Ding, Sha Wang, Xiaoling Li, Yangyang Yu. Effect of Ammonium Concentration on N2O Emission During Autotrophic Nitritation Under Oxygen-Limited Conditions. Environmental Engineering Science. 2016, 34: 96-102.

9. Kun Gao, Jianqiang Zhao*, Guanghuan Ge, Xiaoqian Ding, Yangyang Yu, Jinna Wu. Characteristic of nitrous oxide emission during autotrophic partial nitrification under oxygen-limited conditions. (Chinese core journal). 2016, 34: 66-70+97.

10. Huiyan Zhu, Shuai Wang, Kun Gao, Chongxuan Liu, Cross-scale models for iron oxides bioreduction rates, Journal of Hydrology, 2023, 624: 129976.

11. Hanyue Zhang, Yang Lu, Zhuozhi Ouyang, Wenjing Zhou, Xinyue Shen, Kun Gao, Shuling Chen, Yang Yang, Shiwen Hu*, Chongxuan Liu. Mechanistic insights into the detoxification of Cr(VI) and immobilization of Cr and C during the biotransformation of ferrihydrite-polygalacturonic acid-Cr coprecipitates. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2023, 448: 130726.

12. Shiwen Hu, Lirong Zheng, Hanyue Zhang, Guojun Chen, Yang Yang, Zhuozhi Ouyang, Shuling Chen, Kun Gao, Chongxuan Liu, Qi Wang, Tongxu Liu*. Hematite-mediated Mn(II) abiotic oxidation under oxic conditions: pH effect and mineralization. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science. 2023, 15: 267-278.

13. Xinrui Hao, Jie Tang, Xiaoyun Yi*, Kun Gao, Qian Yao, Chunhua Feng, Weilin Huang, Zhi Dang. Extracellular polymeric substance induces biogenesis of vivianite under inorganic phosphate-free conditions. Journal of Environmental Sciences, 2022, 120: 115-124.

14. Han Ye, Kun Gao, Guining Lu⁎, Yingying Xie, John R. Reinfelder, Weilin Huang, Xueqin Tao, Xiaoyun Yi, Zhi Dang. Improved extraction of acid-insolublemonosulfide minerals by stannous chloride reduction and its application to the separation of mono-and disulfide minerals in the presence of ferric iron. Science of the Total Environment. 2021, 785: 147367.

15. Yunling Zhang, Kun Gao, Zhi Dang*, Weilin Huang, John R. Reinfelder, YuanRen*. Microbial reduction of As(V)-loaded Schwertmannite by Desulfosporosinus meridiei, Science of the Total Environment. 2021, 764: 144279.

16. Yan Pan, Jinfan Chen, Kun Gao, Guining Lu*, Han Ye, Zining Wen, Xiaoyun Yi, Zhi Dang. Spatial and temporal variations of Cu and Cd mobility and their controlling factors in pore water of contaminated paddy soil under acid mine drainage: A laboratory column study. Science of the Total Environment. 2021, 792: 148523.

17. Kai Chen, Xiaohu Jin, Chuling Guo*, Chucheng He, Yuyang Zhang, Kun Gao, Guining Lu, Zhi Dang. Reductive dissolution of Pb-Zn jarosite under near-neutral conditions. Chemical Geology. 2021, 579: 120338.

18. Xiaoqian Ding, Jianqiang Zhao, Bo Hu, ShaWang, Kun Gao, Rixiang Zhao*. Characteristics of N2O Emission in Distilled Water and Activated Sludge Mixture. Water Air Soil Pollution. 2019, 230: 1-9.

19. Xiaoqian Ding, Jianqiang Zhao*, Kun Gao, Bo Hu, Xiaoling Li, Guanghuan Ge, Yangyang Yu, Jinna Wu. Modeling of Nitrous Oxide Production by Ammonium-Oxidizing Bacteria. Environmental Engineering Science, 2018, 35(1): 1-10.

20. Guanghuan Ge, Jianqiang Zhao*, Aixia Chen, Bo Hu, Ying Chen, Kun Gao, Xiaoling Li, Xiaoqian Ding. Nitrogen Removal and Nitrous Oxide Emission in an Anaerobic/Oxic/Anoxic Sequencing Biofilm Batch Reactor. Environmental Engineering Science, 2018, 35(1): 19-26.

21. Xiaoqian Ding, Jianqiang Zhao*, Bo Hu, Xiaoling Li, Guanghuan Ge, Kun Gao, Ying Chen. Mathematical modeling of nitrous oxide (N2O) production in anaerobic/anoxic/oxic processes: Improvements to published N2O models. Chemical Engineering Journal. 2017, 325: 386-395.

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