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Ming Yu Jin
Research Associate Professor
Research Associate Professor

Educational background

2007.09-2014.02 —— PhD, Sungkyunkwan University
2003.09-2007.06 —— Bachelor, Yanbian University    

Work experience   

2022.01 to now Research Associate Professor,SUSTech,Shenzhen Grubbs Institute
2018.11-2021.12 ——  Senior Research Scholar,SUSTech,Shenzhen Grubbs Institute
2017.11-2018.10 —— Research Assistant Professor,SUSTech
2015.06-2017.10 —— Postdoc,Chemistry Department,SUSTech
2014.03-2015.05 —— Postdoc,Chemistry Department,Sungkyunkwan University    

Honors and awards    

2007.10-2014.02 —— Korean BK21 Project Full Scholarship
2016 —— “Peacock Program ― the Recruitment Program of Global Experts”(C)
2016 —— Navigation Talents of Nanshan District    

Research Area    

Asymmetric Catalytic Methodology, cascade reaction, organic functional materials    


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