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Bujiao Wu
Associate Researcher

Essential Information

Name: Bujiao Wu

Position: Associate Researcher

Email: wubj@sustech.edu.cn

Research:Quantum random measurement, quantum algorithm, quantum circuit optimization


Education background

Institute of Computing Technology (ICT),

 Aug. 2015-Jan. 2021   Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS)   Ph.D.

Xidian University (XDU)

Aug. 2011-Jul. 2015   Computer Science and Technology   Bachelor


Working experience

Shenzhen Institute for Quantum Science and Engineering, Southern University of Science and Technology    

Dec. 2023-Present,Associate Researcher

Freie Universität Berlin 

Oct. 2022- Oct. 2023,Postdoctoral fellow

Peking University 

Jan. 2021- Dec. 2023,Postdoctoral Researcher


Papers and Patents

[CWCG…YZP23] Sirui Cao*, Bujiao Wu*, Fusheng Chen*, Ming Gong*, …, Xiao Yuan#, Xiaobo Zhu#, and Jian-Wei Pan#. Scalable generation of genuine entanglement up to 51-qubits on a superconducting quantum processor. Nature 619, 738–742 (2023)

[GYW23] Tianren Gu, Xiao Yuan, Bujiao Wu#. Efficient measurement schemes for bosonic systems. Quantum Science and Technology 8 (4), 045008 (2023)

[WSHY23] Bujiao Wu*, Jinzhao Sun*, Qi Huang, Xiao Yuan. Overlapped grouping measurement: A unified framework for measuring quantum states. Quantum 7, 896 (2023)

[WWWY23] Yusen Wu*, Bujiao Wu*, Jingbo Wang, Xiao Yuan. Provable Advantage in Quantum Phase Learning via Quantum Kernel Alphatron. Quantum 7, 981. (2023)

[WHYSTZS23] Bujiao Wu, Xiaoyu He, Shuai Yang, Lifu Shou, Guojing Tian, Jialin Zhang, Xiaoming Sun. Optimization of CNOT circuits on limited-connectivity architecture. Physical Review Research 5(1), p. 013065 (2023)

[HHZWWY] Junxiang Huang, Wenhao He, Yukun Zhang, Yusen Wu, Bujiao Wu#, Xiao Yuan#. Tensor Network Assisted Variational Quantum Algorithm. Physical Review A 108(5), p. 052407 (2023)

[WCJZYX20] Bujiao Wu*, Bin Cheng*, Fei Jia, Jialin Zhang, Man-Hong Yung#, Xiaoming Sun#. Speedup in classical simulation of Gaussian boson sampling. Science Bulletin, 65(10) p. 832-841. (2020)

[JSTWWZ20] Jiaqing Jiang*, Xiaoming Sun*, Shang-Hua Teng*, Bujiao Wu*, Kewen Wu*, Jialin Zhang*. Optimal space-depth trade-off of CNOT circuits in quantum logic synthesis. Proceedings of the Fourteenth Annual ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms. p. 213-229. (2020)

[WRZSR21] Bujiao Wu, Maharshi Ray, Liming Zhao, Xiaoming Sun, Patrick Rebentrost. Quantum-classical algorithms for skewed linear systems with optimized Hadamard test. Physical Review A, 103 (4), p. 042422. (2021) (Editor’s suggestion)

[LWYSY20] Riling Li, Bujiao Wu, Mingsheng Ying, Xiaoming Sun, and Guangwen Yang. Quantum Supremacy Circuit Simulation on Sunway TaihuLight. IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 31 (4), p. 805-816. (2020)

[WJZTS18] Bujiao Wu, Jiaqing Jiang, Jialin Zhang, Guojing Tian, Xiaoming Sun. Local unitary classification for sets of generalized Bell states. Physical Review A, 98(2), p. 022304. (2018)

[YZWGZS] Shuai Yang, Wei Zi, Bujiao Wu, Cheng Guo, Jialin Zhang, Xiaoming Sun

Quantum logic synthesis for Satisfiability Problems. IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems, (2023)

[YYJJXB21] Li Ying, Han Ze-Yao, Li Chao-Jian, Lu Jin, Yuan Xiao, Wu Bujiao#. Review on quantum advantages of sampling problems. ACTA PHYSICA SINICA 70(21). (2021)


Honors and Awards

Proposal: “Research on quantum classical Hybrid Algorithm”

Directed Research Award (Individual Grant)

Awarded by: National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 214710068)

Funding Period: Jan. 1, 2022 – Dec. 31, 2022


Proposal: “Recent research on hybrid quantum classical (machine learning) algorithms”

Directed Research Award (Individual Grant)

Awarded by: Zhejiang Lab's International Talent Fund for Young Professionals

Funding Period: Jan., 2022 – Feb., 2023