Undergraduate Admissions

The undergraduate admission of SUSTech adopts comprehensive evaluation enrollment mode based on national college entrance examination, the SUSTech autonomous ability test scores and the high school proficiency test. The college entrance examination achievement accounts for 60%, SUSTech, autonomous ability test scores account for 30% (interview scores accounts for 5%) and the high school proficiency test accounts for the final 10%, ranking from high to low based on candidate's "631" comprehensive score.

Comprehensive evaluation enrolment mode has eliminated disadvantages such as "only scores statement," "college entrance examination decides one life" and "one-sided examination-oriented education" in traditional systems of examination and enrolment, which is conducive to selecting excellent students with subject expertise and innovation potential. The enrolment mode was firstly implemented by SUSTech in 2012, leading the reform process of national college examination system.

Graduates Admissions

By offering unique opportunities to embrace the three pillars of research, innovation, and entrepreneurship, graduate students are cultivated and nurtured in such a way that their talents are brought to the fore. With numerous opportunities for further research in other institutions across China and around the world, our postgraduate students have more chances to make that vital breakthrough in their research for the advancement of science and engineering as a whole.

International Student Enrollment

The undergraduate education of SUSTech attaches great importance to international standards. Most classes are taught in English, as are the majority of teaching materials. Schools encourage students to participate in international academic exchanges, so students have many opportunities for study and exchange abroad during their four years of study at SUSTech. The school's all-round education emphasizes the cultivation of talents who have a global outlook, understand international perspectives, reach high international standards, and have cross-cultural understanding and communication skills.

In order to further promote the internationalization of education in our university and build a diversified international campus environment, our school actively explores international student education. In the near future, we will adopt a convergence training and management model to create a lively and harmonious international campus to promote our students. We want to work with our international students so they can have an enjoyable life at SUSTech.

For more information, please see the SUSTech Course Catalogue.