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ZENG Zhenzhong

Basic Introduction

Zeng Zhenzhong primarily conducts research in the field of Earth system processes and global change. His work focuses on utilizing ground observation networks, satellite remote sensing technology, and next-generation Earth system models to study the coevolution and coupling relationships among the biosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and anthroposphere in the Earth's surface system. He quantifies the interactions between surface processes and climate change under the influence of human development, providing scientific evidence and theoretical support for environmental protection, resource utilization, and climate change mitigation and adaptation. Zeng has received numerous accolades, including the Distinguished Professor under the Ministry of Education’s Changjiang Scholars Program, Ministry of Education Young Chang Jiang Scholar (Earth System Science), Qiushi Outstanding Young Scholar Award, Shenzhen High Level Professionals–(National Leading Talents, and the Kamide Lecture Award from the Asia-Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS). He has published over 140 academic papers, with 66 of them as the first or corresponding author in high-impact journals, including Science (1), Nature Climate Change (2), Nature Geoscience (3), Nature Sustainability (4), Nature Water (2), Nature Communications (1), One Earth, Science Bulletin, and the Journal of Remote Sensing. His work has been cited 14,058 times on Google Scholar, with an h-index of 48 and an i10-index of 88 (as of May 27, 2024). His research findings have supported IPCC reports and have been featured in media outlets such as Reference News, China Science Daily, BBC, and Bloomberg. His study on deforestation in the mountainous regions of Nan Province, Thailand, has been included as a case study in the ecology textbook "The Ecology of Plants." His main academic services include serving as a member of the Chinese Committee of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences, a peer review expert for the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report, and an editorial board member for journals such as Remote Sensing Technology and Application, CABI Agriculture and Bioscience, and Sustainable Horizons. He has also been a peer reviewer for over 30 SCI academic journals, including Nature, Nature Sustainability, and Science Advances. From 2020 to 2023, he was consecutively listed as a Highly Cited Researcher by Elsevier in Cross-Field and Environmental Science and Ecology, and he was included in Stanford University's 2022 list of the World's Top 2% Scientists.


Professional Experience

Professor, Southern University of Science and Technology, since 2024.06.01

Associate Professor, Southern University of Science and Technology, since 2019-2024

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Princeton University, 2016-2019 (Mentor: Dr. Eric F. Wood)


Ph.D. in Physical Geography, Peking University, 2011-2016 (Supervisor: Dr. Shilong Piao)

B.S. in Geography Science, Sun Yat-Sen University, 2007-2011


Synergistic Activities

1. Committee of the Chinese National Committee for International Association of Hydrological Sciences (CNC-IAHS)

2. Member of American Geophysical Union

3. Invited reviver for Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Sixth Assessment Report (AR6) WG1, WG2

4. Review for Nature (IF: 64.8)

5. Review for Nature Communications (IF: 27.7)

6. Review for Nature Climate Change (IF: 28.9)

7. Review for Nature Sustainability (IF: 27.7)

8. Review for Science Advances (IF: 15.0)

9. Review for Science Bulletin (IF: 20.6)

10. Review for Journal of Climate (IF: 5.4)

11. Review for Global Change Biology (IF: 13.2)

12. Review for Remote Sensing of Environment (IF: 13.9)

13. Review for Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres (IF: 5.)

14. Review for Climate Dynamics (IF: 4.71)

15. Review for Earth’s Future (IF: 5.62)

16. Review Environmental Research Letters (IF: 6.20)

17. Review Geophysical Research Letter (IF: 4.33)

18. Review Advances in Atmosphere Sciences (IF: 3.9)


Awards and Honors

1. 2022 "Changjiang" Distinguished Expert, the Ministry of Education of China

2. 2022 AOGS HS Kamide Lecturer

3. 2022 Top 2% Scientists Worldwide 2022 by Stanford University

4. 2022 Highly Cited Researchers (Environmental Science and Ecology), rank in the top 1% by citations for field and year in the Web of Science™

5. 2021 Highly Cited Researchers (Cross field), rank in the top 1% by citations for field and year in the Web of Science™

6. 2021 2021Winner of Annual Global Young Scientist in Technology Award (Presented jointly by Taibo Net, the International Chinese Association for Geographic Information Science, and the ACM SIGSPATIAL China Chapter, May 18, 2021)

7. 2021 Editor’s Award by Advances in Atmosphere Sciences

8. 2020 Highly Cited Researchers (Cross field), rank in the top 1% by citations for field and year in the Web of Science™

9. 2020 Qiushi Outstanding Young Scholar Award

10. 2019 "Qingnian Changjiang" Distinguished Expert, the Ministry of Education of China

11. 2019 Shenzhen High Level Professionals – National Leading Talents

12. 2018 “China Agricultural Science Major Progress” - Impacts of climate warming on global crop yields and feedbacks of vegetation growth change on global climate, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences


Selected funded projects

1. 2023N014 Marine Meteorological Information and Ecological Disaster Integrated Monitoring and Warning Technology Research and Application Demonstration, Shenzhen Sustainable Development Science and Technology Special Project, PI, CNY 3,000,000, 2023.08-2026.07

2. Assessment and Prediction of Offshore Wind Energy Resources in the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area under the Background of Climate Change, Guangdong Basic and Applied Basic Research Fund Project, PI, CNY 300,000, 2022.10-2025.09

3. Changes of Surface Wind Speed and Their Implications for Wind Energy Production in China in the 21st Century, National Natural Science Foundation of China (42071022), PI,CNY 550,000, 2021.01-2024.12

4. Research on the Impact Mechanism of Climate Change on the Water Grain Energy Coupling System in the Lancang Mekong Basin, International (Regional) Cooperation and Exchange Project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Co-I (project leader), CNY 3,000,000, 2024.01-2028.12

5. Highlight Project on Water Security and Global Change of the Southern University of Science and Technology,Southern University of Science and Technology (G02296302), Co-I (key participant), CNY 6,000,000, 2020.01-2021.12

6. Princeton University-Blue Three Families, Thailand Sustainable Development Project (B0891), $900000, participated in, 2016-2019

7. National Natural Science Foundation of China, Global Change and Land Gas Ecosystems (41125044153052841561134016), participated in,2012-2015


Research Interests

1. Global environmental change

2. Earth System Science

3. Earth system simulation

4. Climate variation and its attribution

5. Vegetation climate interaction

6. Ecological hydrology, vegetation remote sensing, and land use change

7. Surface hydrology


Published Works

Book (chapter):

1. Yi Liu & Zhenzhong Zeng*; Wind energy. In The Palgrave Handbook of Global Sustainability. (Cham: Springer International Publishing, 2022).


1. Lili Liang; Shijing Liang & Zhenzhong Zeng*; Extreme climate sparks record boreal wildfires and carbon surge in 2023; The Innovation; 2024. https://www.cell.com/the-innovation/fulltext/S2666-6758(24)00069-9.

2. Zurui Ao; Xiaomei Hu; Shengli Tao*; Xie Hu; Guoquan Wang; Mingjia Li; Fang Wang; Litang Hu; Xiuyu Liang; Jingfeng Xiao; Asadilla Yusup; Wenhua Qi; Qinwei Ran; Jiayi Fang; Jinfeng Chang; Zhenzhong Zeng; Yongshuo Fu; Baolin Xue; Ping Wang; Kefei Zhao; Le Li; Wenkai Li; Yumei Li; Mi Jiang; Yuanhe Yang; Haihua Shen; Xia Zhao; Yue Shi; Bo Wu; Zhengbing Yan; Mengjia Wang; Yanjun Su; Tianyu Hu; Qin Ma; Hao Bai; Lijun Wang; Ziyan Yang; Yuhao Feng; Danhua Zhang; Erhan Huang; Jiamin Pan; Huiying Ye; Chen Yang; Yanwei Qin; Chenqi He; Yanpei Guo; Kai Cheng; Yu Ren; Haitao Yang; Chengyang Zheng; Jiangling Zhu; Shaopeng Wang; Chengjun Ji; Biao Zhu, Hongyan Liu, Zhiyao Tang, Zhiheng Wang, Shuqing Zhao, Yanhong Tang, Hanfa Xing, Qinghua Guo, Yu Liu & Jingyun Fang; A national-scale assessment of land subsidence in China’s major cities; Science; 2024. https://www.science.org/doi/abs/10.1126/science.adl4366.

3. Ronglin Tang; Zhong Peng; Meng Liu; Zhao-Liang Li; Yazhen Jiang; Yongxin Hu; Lingxiao Huang; Yizhe Wang; Junrui Wang; Li Jia; Chaolei Zheng; Yongqiang Zhang; Ke Zhang; Yunjun Yao; Xuelong Chen; Yujiu Xiong; Zhenzhong Zeng & Joshua B Fisher; Spatial-temporal patterns of land surface evapotranspiration from global products; Remote Sensing of Environment; 2024. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.rse.2024.114066

4. Shijing Liang; Lili Liang; Dashan Wang* & Zhenzhong Zeng*; Dryland forestation: Uncovering the carbon sequestration potential; The Innovation Geoscience; 2024. https://www.the-innovation.org/article/doi/10.59717/j.xinn-geo.2024.100058.

5. Yijia Ren; Jianxiu Qiu*; Zhenzhong Zeng; Xiaoping Liu; Stephen Sitch; Kim Pilegaard; Tianyao Yang; Sheng Wang & Wenping Yuan; Atul K Jain; Earlier spring greening in Northern Hemisphere terrestrial biomes enhanced net ecosystem productivity in summer; Communications Earth & Environment; 2024. https://www.nature.com/articles/s43247-024-01270-5.

6. Xingxing Kuang; Junguo Liu; Bridget R Scanlon; Jiu Jimmy Jiao; Scott Jasechko; Michele Lancia; Boris K BiskabornYoshihide WadaHailong Li; Zhenzhong Zeng; Zhilin Guo; Yingying Yao; Tom Gleeson; Jean-Philippe Nicot; Xin Luo; Yiguang Zou & Chunmiao Zheng; The changing nature of groundwater in the global water cycle; Science; 2024. https://www.science.org/doi/abs/10.1126/science.adf0630.

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