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Associate Professor

Basic Introduction

Dr. Hong Chen has a multidisciplinary background in environmental chemistry, environmental engineering, inorganic chemistry, material chemistry, and applied physics. His main research interest is green energy-driven resource recovery and environmental pollution control. He received his doctoral degree in inorganic chemistry from the Department of Environmental and Material Chemistry at Stockholm University in 2014, working with Prof. Junliang Sun and Xiaodong Zou. After a short postdoc training, he continued his postdoc training at KTH-Royal Institute of Technology with Prof. Licheng Sun, Stanford University with Prof. Michael F. Toney, University of California-Berkeley with Prof. Peidong Yang. In September 2018, he joined SUSTech. Now he is an associate professor at the School of Environmental Science and Engineering.

He has applied for more than 10 patents and published more than 140 peer-reviewed papers with an h-index of 47 and google scholar citations >8300. More than half of them were published in prestigious journals with an impact factor higher than 10, including Nature Mater., PNAS, Science Adv., Nature Comm., JACS, Angew. Chem. Nano Lett., Environ. Sci. Tech., Water Res., Green Chem. etc..He serves as the associate editor for Environmental Chemistry Letters (IF:13.6), board member for the journal of Sustainable Horizons, Environmental Surface and Interfacse, Environmental Functional Materials, young editorial committee member of Chinese Chemical Letters, Chemical Engineering Journal Advances, Industrial Wastewater Treatment(In Chinese), Engineering Science &Technology (In Chinese). He serves as a regular reviewer for more than 40 journals, including Nature Comm., Engineering, Adv. Mater., Angew. Chem., Environ. Sci. Tech., ACS Catal., Nano. Energy., ACS Catal. etc.



2010.9-2014.9   Ph. D  Stockholm University, Sweden (Supervisor: Prof. Junliang Sun and Prof. Xiaodong Zou)

2008.9-2010.9   Master  China University of Geosciences, China (Supervisor: Prof. Xiuling Wu)

2004.9-2008.6   Bachelor  China University of Geosciences, China    



2023.12-Now Associate Professor(Permanent Appointment) Southern University of Science and Technology

2021.1-2023.12 Associate Professor Southern University of Science and Technology

2018.9-2020.12 Assistant Professor Southern University of Science and Technology

2016.10-2018.9 Joint Postdoc Stanford University (Supervisor: Prof. Michael F. Toney)

2016.10-2018.9 Joint Postdoc University of California- Berkeley (Supervisor: Prof. Peidong Yang)

2015.5-2016.9 Postdoc KTH-Royal Insitute of Technology (Supervisor: Prof. Licheng Sun)

2014.9-2015.5 Postdoc Stockholm University (Supervisor: Prof. Junliang Sun)

Synergistic Activities

1. 2024-, Special Expert of Haizhi, Guangdong Science and Technology Association

2. 2023-, Member of the Expert Committee of China Renewable Resources Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance

3. 2023-, Deputy Chairman of the Soil Resources, Environment and Carbon Neutrality Committee of Guangdong Soil Society

4. 2023-, Editorial Board of Environmental Surface& Interface Journal

5. 2023-, Member of the 12th Council of Guangdong Soil Society

6. 2022- Member of the Mineral Physics and Mineral Structure Branch of China Mineralogical, PetroGeochemistry Society

7. 2022-, Engineering Science and Technology, Young Editorial Board of Industrial Water Treatment Magazine

8. 2021-, Deputy Editor of Environmental Chemistry Letters(Q1, IF=15.7)

9. 2021-, Editorial Board Member, Sustainable Horizons Journal

10. 2021-, Editorial Board, Journal of Environmental Function Materials

11. 2021-, Young Editorial Board Member, Chemical Engineering Journal Advances

12. Expert, Think Tank for Chemicals and Waste Environmental Management, Asia-Pacific Regional Centre, Basel Convention, 2020-2025

13. 2020-2024, Member of Academic Committee of High School Affiliated to Southern University of Science and Technology

14. 2019-, Young Editor of Chinese Chemical Letters


Selected Awards

2023.12, China Non-Ferrous Metals Society Circular Economy Science and Technology Innovation Youth Contribution Award

2023.11, Youth Environmental Chemistry Award of Chinese Chemical Society

2023.09, Excellent doctoral Thesis Advisor Award

2023.07, outstanding party affairs worker of Southern University of Science and Technology

2021.09, Young Scientist Award of Chinese Environmental Society

2021.07, Eco-Environment Youth Science and Technology Award (Gold Award), Guangdong Environmental Science Society

2021.07, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Southern University of Science and Technology "Excellent Party member vanguard"

2021.07, Outstanding tutor of Shuren College, Southern University of Science and Technology

2020.11, Southern University of Science and Technology 10th anniversary outstanding teacher volunteer


Research Interests

Focusing on the atomic-scale structure analysis of metal-containing solid waste, detection and separation of leaching heavy metals, and how to clean and recycle heavy metals, the development of new characterization devices and technologies, new structural environmental materials and environmental energy devices related to heavy metal treatment, heavy metal treatment, recovery and secondary utilization engineering processes. The basic knowledge of chemistry, physics, materials, energy and instrument science is integrated and deepened to understand and solve environmental engineering problems related to heavy metal solid waste pollution.

Selected funded projects

1. Shenzhen Basic Research Key Project - Research on efficient recycling and utilization of scrapped lithium-ion batteries for 2020N186 new energy vehicles - presided over

2. Natural Science Foundation Project of Basic and Applied Basic Research Foundation of Guangdong Province (Outstanding Youth Project) - Research on green synthesis of zeolite molecular sieve based on red soil in Guangdong and its application in soil remediation

3. Sub-project leader of the National Key Research and Development Program Young Scientist Project - Nanomaterials and Technologies for Precise Control of antibiotic and resistance gene pollution in Water

4. Shenzhen Sustainable Development Science and Technology Project - Double carbon 2023035 Air carbon capture and resource utilization technology research and development and application demonstration - main participation

5. Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Disciplines - Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Soil and Groundwater Pollution Prevention and Remediation - mainly involved


Published Works

+Equal contribution, * Corresponding author.



Shimao Deng, Ranhao Wang, Xuezhen Feng, Renji Zheng, Shaokuan Gong, Xihan Chen, Yangzi Shangguan, Lili Deng, Huan Tang, Hao Dai, Lele Duan, Chengyuan Liu, Yang Pan, Hong Chen*. Dual Lewis Acid-Base Sites Regulate Silver-Copper Bimetallic Oxide Nanowires for Highly Selective Photoreduction of Carbon Dioxide to Methane. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2023, e202309625.

Ranhao Wang, Yangzi Shangguan, Xuezhen Feng, Xiaosong Gu, Wei Dai, Songhe Yang, Huan Tang, Jiaxin Liang, Yixin Tian, Dazhong Yang, Hong Chen*. Interfacial Coordinational Bond Triggered Photoreduction Membrane for Continuous Light-driven Precious Metals Recovery. Nano Letters, 2023, 23, 6, 2219–2227.

Dazhong Yang, Qiuyue Ge, Xuezhen Feng, Ranhao Wang, Shangying Li, Wenfei Wei, Renji Zheng, Juan Zhang, Hong Chen*. "Soil for soil remediation" strategy driven on converting natural soils into Fe2O3-CAN type zeolite composite for dual ionic heavy metals contaminated soil remediation: universality, synergistic effects and mechanism. ACS ES&T Engineering, 2023, DOI:10.1021/acsestengg.2c00397.

Wei Dai, Ranhao Wang, Zhijie Chen, Shimao Deng, Changzhu Huang, Wenjun Luo*, Hong Chen*. Highly-efficient Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution Triggered by Spatial Confinement Effects over Co-crystal Templated Boron-doped Carbon Nitride Hollow Nanotubes. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2023, DOI: 10.1039/D3TA00199G.

Zhijie Chen, Renji Zheng, Haiyuan Zou, Ranhao Wang, Changzhu Huang, Wei Dai, Wei Wei, Lele Duan, Bing-Jie Ni*, Hong Chen*. Amorphous Iron-doped Nickel Boride with Facilitated Structural Reconstruction and Dual Active Sites for Efficient Urea Electrooxidation. Chemical Engineering Journal, 2023, DOI: doi: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cej.2023.142684

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