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Research Assistant Professor


I obtained my Ph.D. from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and am currently serving as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Basic Immunology and Microbiology at the Southern University of Science and Technology. Over the past few years, I have published many academic articles in reputable international journals, including Brief in Bioinformatics, Oncogene, and Cancer Research. My research is focused on exploring genome evolution, understanding transcriptional regulatory mechanisms, and investigating tumor metabolism through the analysis of multi-omics data.

Research Interests:

◆Genome Evolution;

◆Tumor Metabolism;

◆Transcriptional Regulatory Mechanisms.

Professional Experience:

◆ 2023 - Present  Assistant Professor,  Southern University of Science and Technology

◆ 2021 - 2023      Postdoctoral Researcher ,  Southern University of Science and Technology

◆ 2020 - 2021      Chief Scientist,   Cytomics  Limited

◆ 2019 - 2020      Postdoctoral Researcher,  The Chinese University of Hong Kong

◆ 2013 - 2014      Research Assistant,  Shenzhen Research Institute,  The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Educational Background:

◆ 2014 - 2018      The Chinese University of Hong Kong,  Ph.D. in Chemical Pathology

◆ 2008 - 2013      Harbin Medical University,  Bachelor's degree in Bioinformatics

Selected Publication:

1. Pan Y, Chen H, Zhang X, Liu W, Ding Y, Huang D, Zhai J, Wei W, Wen J, Chen D, Zhou Y, Liang C, Wong N, Man K, Cheung AH, Wong CC, Yu J. METTL3 drives NAFLD-related hepatocellular carcinoma and is a therapeutic target for boosting immunotherapy. Cell Rep Med. 2023 Aug 15;4(8):101144. doi: 10.1016/j.xcrm.2023.101144. PMID: 37586322; PMCID: PMC10439254. 

2. Li Q, Chan H, Liu WX, Liu CA, Zhou Y, Huang D. ... & Yu J. Carnobacterium maltaromaticum boosts intestinal vitamin D production to suppress colorectal cancer in female mice. Cancer Cell. 2023 Jul 14:S1535-6108(23)00236-2. doi: 10.1016/j.ccell.2023.06.011.

3. Bao Y, Zhai J, Chen H, Wong C, Liang C, Ding Y, Huang D. ... & Yu, J.Targeting m6A reader YTHDF1 augments antitumour immunity and boosts anti-PD-1 efficacy in colorectal cancer.Gut 2023;72:1497-1509.

4. Chen, H., Pan, Y., Zhou, Q., Liang, C., Wong, C. C., Zhou, Y.,Huang, D. ... & Yu, J. (2022). METTL3 inhibits anti-tumor immunity by targeting m6A-BHLHE41-CXCL1/CXCR2 axis to promote colorectal cancer. Gastroenterology. 

5. Zhou Z, Hu F, Huang D, Chi Q, Tang NLS. Nonsense-Mediated Decay Targeted RNA (ntRNA): Proposal of a ntRNA-miRNA-lncRNA Triple Regulatory Network Usable as Biomarker of Prognostic Risk in Patients with Kidney Cancer. Genes (Basel). 2022 Sep 15;13(9):1656. doi: 10.3390/genes13091656.

6. Huang, D.*, Wang, X.*., Huang, Z., Liu, Y., Liu, X., Gin, T., ... & Wu, W. K. K. (2022). 3′ untranslated regions of tumor suppressor genes evolved specific features to favor cancer resistance. Oncogene, 1-11.

7. Wang, X., Hu, W., Li, X., Huang, D., Li, Q., Chan, H., Zeng, J., Xie, C., Chen, H., Liu, X. and Gin, T., 2022. Single-Hit Inactivation Drove Tumor Suppressor Genes Out of the X Chromosome during Evolution. Cancer Research, 82(8), pp.1482-1491. 

8. Wang, X., Cheng, F.T., Lam, T.Y., Liu, Y., Huang, D., Liu, X., Chen, H., Zhang, L., Ali, Y., Wang, M.H. and Yu, J., 2022. Stress Hyperglycemia Is Associated With an Increased Risk of Subsequent Development of Diabetes Among Bacteremic and Nonbacteremic Patients. Diabetes Care. 

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10. Huang, D*., Wang, X*., Liu, Y., Huang, Z., Hu, X., Hu, W., Li, Q., Chan, H., Zou, Y., Ho, I.H. and Wang, Y., 2021. Multi-omic analysis suggests tumor suppressor genes evolved specific promoter features to optimize cancer resistance. Briefings in Bioinformatics, 22(5), p.bbab040.

11. Huang, D., Liu, A.Y., Leung, K.S. and Tang, N.L., 2021. Direct Measurement of B Lymphocyte Gene Expression Biomarkers in Peripheral Blood Transcriptomics Enables Early Prediction of Vaccine Seroconversion. Genes, 12(7), p.971.

12. Ma SL, Wu J, Zhu L, Chan RS, Wang X, Huang D, Tang NL, Woo J. Peripheral Blood T Cell Gene Expression Responses to Exercise and HMB in Sarcopenia. Nutrients. 2021 Jul 5;13(7):2313. doi: 10.3390/nu13072313. PMID: 34371826; PMCID: PMC8308783. 

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