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CHEN Yongshun
Chair professor
National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars

Basic information

Yongshun John Chen, born in 1956, chair professor,obtained PhD of Geophysics from Princeton University.Associate professor of Geophysics, Oregon State University, USA. Professor of Geophysics, Peking University, China.

Made pioneering contributions to the dynamics in ocean expansion of the plate boundary and the oceanic crust formation mechanism.

The formation mechanism better explains the mid-ocean ridge oceanic crust of main earthquake observation results and on the mainland of ophiolite suite field observation results, and are widely used by the international mrine geologists.

Now chairman of interRidge, and was chief editor of Marine Geophysical Researches,editor of JGR-Solid Earth, reviewing expert of geo-foundation.

published over 100 articles in Nature, JGR, EPSL, GRL, and so on.

Main Publications from 2000

Chen, Y. J., Dependence of crustal accretion and ridge axis topography on spreading rate, mantle temperature, and hydrothermal cooling,  in  Dilek, Y., Moores, E.M., Elthon, D., and Nicolas, A., eds., Ophiolites and Oceanic Crust: New Insights from Field Studies and the Ocean Drilling Program; Boulder, Colorado, Geological Society of America Special Paper 349, p. 161-179, 2000.

Chen, Y. J., Thermal effects of gabbro accretion from a deeper second melt lens at the fast spreading East Pacific Rise, Journal of Geophysical Research, 106, 8581-8588, 2001.

Graham, D., G. Ito, and Y. J. Chen, Physical and chemical effects of mantle plume-spreading ridge interaction, RIDGE Events, v.11, No. 2, p. 12, 2001.

Chen, Y. J., Seafloor spreading and dynamics of mid-ocean ridges, in Earth’s Structure, Evolution and Dynamics, Advances in Earth Sciences, vol. 1, edited by Y. Zhang and A. Yin, Chinese Higher Education Press, Beijing, p. 283-329, 2002 (in Chinese).

Chen, Y. J., Influence of the Iceland mantle plume on crustal accretion at the inflated Reykjanes Ridge – Magma lens and low hydrothermal activity? Journal of Geophysical Research, 108(B11), 2524, 10.1029/2001JB000816, 12 November 2003.

Chen, Y. J. and J. Lin, High sensitivity of ocean ridge thermal structure to changes in magma supply: the Galapagos Spreading Center, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 221, 263-273, 2004. Citation: 20

Chen, Y. J. (2004), Modeling the thermal state of the oceanic crust, in Mid-Ocean Ridges: Hydrothermal Interactions Between the Lithosphere and Oceans, Geophys. Monogr. Ser., vol. 148, edited by C. R. German, J. Lin, and L.M. Parson, pp. 95-110, AGU, Washington, D. C.

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Chen, Y.J., and S.-P. Pei (2010), Tomographic structure of East Asia: II. Stagnant slab above 660 km discontinuity and its geodynamic implications, Earthquake Science, Volume 23, Number 6, 613-626, DOI: 10.1007/s11589-010-0760-4.

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