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XIAO Guozhi
Chair Professor
Recipient, Shenzhen Scholar Program

Chair Professor Guozhi Xiao is an internationally renowned bone biologist. Dr. Xiao obtained his PhD degree in biochemistry and molecular biology from Peking University in 1994. He finished his post-doc training (1994-1998) and worked as a research scientist (1998-2005) at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor. In 2005, he assumed an independent faculty position as a tenure-track assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in 2005 and was promoted to the level of associate professor with tenure in 2011. In 2012, he joined Rush University Medical Center in Chicago and assumed a prominent academic position as the Dr. Ralph and Marian C. Falk Endowed Chair Professor of Biochemistry and served as the director of research of the department of biochemistry. In 2013, he joined the SUSTech as a tenured full professor and later became the chair of the biological department. Dr. Xiao is the director of the Center for Experimental Animals at SUSTech. Dr. Xiao has made several contributions to our understanding the molecular control of skeletal development and homeostasis. His work is reported in 107 peer-reviewed SCI-indexed full-length research articles, many in high profile journals, such as the Journal of Clinical Investigation and Nature Communications etc., and 30 review articles and book chapters etc. He serves as a reviewer for the US National Science Foundation, the Italian Ministry of Health and the National Natural Science Foundation of China and sits on the editorial boards of the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research (JBMR) and the Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC). Dr. Xiao’s research interests focus in the following areas: (1) to determine how osteoblast, osteoclast, and chondrocyte formation is controlled during skeletal development and homeostasis under physiological and pathological conditions; (2) to define the mechanisms that modulate bone angiogenesis; and more recently, (3) to study the roles of focal adhesion (FA) proteins in skeletal development and homeostasis. By working on these projects, Xiao laboratory has also maintained a focus on important medical issues involving bone –osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, metastatic osteolytic lesions, and fracture healing. Information obtained from these studies will enhance our understanding of these pathological processes.


Research Interests
My research focuses include: 1) mechanisms that control bone and cartilage development and homeostasis; 2) mechanisms of cancer bone metastases; 3) mechanisms that modulate bone angiogenesis during skeletal development and homeostasis; and 4) the role of cell adhesion molecules such as Kindlin-2 and migfilin in bone and cartilage. By working on these projects, I also maintain a focus on medical issues involving bone – osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and metastatic osteolytic lesions and fracture healing. Information obtained from these studies will enhance our understanding of these pathological processes.


Educational background
1979-1984:Nanchang University School of Medicine, Bachelor Degree of Medicine.
1985-1988:Peking University Health Sciences Center, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Master Degree.
1991-1994: Peking University Health Sciences Center, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Ph.D.


Professional experience
2015-present: Chair, Department of Biology, Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen
2013-present: Professor and Chair, Department of Biology, Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen.
2011-2013: Associate professor, Director of Research, Ralph and Marian C. Falk Endowed Professor of Biochemistry of Rush University.
2005-2011: Assistant professor/Associate professor (with tenure), University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.
1998-2005: Instructor/Research assistant professor, University of Michigan School of Dentistry (Ann Arbor).
1994-1998:Post doctor, University of Michigan School of Dentistry (Ann Arbor).


Honors & Awards
1998 ASBMR Young Investigator Award
2012 Outstanding Alumni, Beijing Medical University (Currently Peking University Health Sciences Center)
2013-present: Shenzhen Pengcheng Scholar
2017-present: Shenzhen Peacock Scholar


Professional Activities
Editorial Board Member:
2009-2015: Journal of Bone and Mineral Research (JBMR)
2010-present: Chinese Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
2011-present: Stem Cell Discovery
2013-present: Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC)
2015-present: Chinese Journal of Family Planning


Selected Publications

From total 200 publications

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Lab Awards and Honors:    

  • 钟一鸣,首批国家自然科学基金青年学生基础研究项目(博士研究生), 30万, 2024

  • Talin He,The 5th ICMRC Presidential Award; oral presentation; the highest ranking abstract from about 600 abstracts, 2024

  • Jiaming Yang,The 5th ICMRC Young Investigator Award, 2024

  • 陈明珏,南方科技大学医学院第三届“未来之星”论坛,三等奖, 2023

  • 淘楚,南方科技大学医学系统学术年会,三等奖, 2023

  • 河泰麟,南方科技大学医学系统学术年会,优秀奖,2023

  • 钟一鸣,博士研究生国家奖学金, 2023

  • Donghao Gan, ASBMR Young Investigator Award, 2023

  • Talin He,ICMRS Webster Jee Young Investigator Award, oral presentation, 2023

  • 吴晓昊,Postdoc, Stanford University, 2023

  • 吴晓昊,南方科技大学2023年研究生“十佳毕业生” (博士研究生)

  • 吴晓昊,南方科技大学医学院“院长奖”,2023

  • 吴晓昊,2022年“广东省生命健康研究生学术论坛”口头报告一等奖, 2023

  • Donghao Gan, ICMRS Webster Jee Young Investigator Award, 2023

  • 姚青, 国自然面上基金, 53万,2022

  • 河泰麟,南方科技大学医学院,优秀博士生,2022

  • 陈明珏,南方科技大学医学院,优秀研究生,2022

  • 钟一鸣,南方科技大学医学院“院长奖”,2022

  • 河泰麟,南方科技大学医学院2021度优秀研究生,2022

  • 钟一鸣,南方科技大学校级硕士学位论文,2022

  • 钟一鸣,南方科技大学校级优秀研究生毕业生,2022

  • 钟一鸣,南方科技大学2022年研究生“十佳毕业生”(硕士研究生)

  • 甘东浩,教育部博士后基金, 8万,2022

  • Mingjue Chen, ICMRS Webster Jee Young Investigator Award, 2022

  • 陈明珏,硕士研究生国家奖学金, 2022

  • 吴晓昊,博士研究生国家奖学金, 2022

  • 陈明珏,南方科技大学医学院第二届“未来之星”论坛,二等奖, 2022

  • 甘东浩,第二届南方科技大学医疗系统学术年会, 二等奖, 2022

  • 林嗣雄,第二届南方科技大学医疗系统学术年会, 三等奖,2022

  • Lei Qin, ASBMR Young Investigator Award, 2021

  • 曹惠玲, 科技部重大专项, 67万,2021

  • 王依姝,教育部博士后基金, 8万,2021

  • Xiaohao Wu, ASBMR Felix Bronner Young Investigator Award; the highest ranking abstract, 2021

  • 钟一鸣 南方科技大学生命科学学院第二届“学术之星”论坛优秀奖,2021

  • Xiaohao Wu, ICMRS Webster Jee Young Investigator Award, 2021

  • 陈明珏,研究生国家奖学金,2021

  • 高焕庆,首届南方科技大学医学系统学术年会,一等奖, 2021

  • 吴晓昊,首届南方科技大学医学系统学术年会,三等奖, 2021

  • 陈胜,首届南方科技大学医学系统学术年会,优秀奖,2021

  • 郭禺熙, 生物系优秀毕业生, 2020

  • 李茹璇, 校十佳毕业生候选人, 校级优秀毕业生, 2020

  • 李鹏宇, 生物系优秀毕业生, 2020

  • 吴晓昊 南方科技大学生命科学学院首届“学术之星”论坛三等奖,2020

  • 秦雷,教育部博士后基金, 8万,2020

  • 姚青, 深圳市科创委稳定支持,面上项目, 50万,2020

  • 曹惠玲, 国自然面上基金, 55万,2020

  • 曹惠玲, 国自然优秀青年基金获得者, 120万 2020

  • Yishu Wang, ASBMR Young Investigator Award, Oral Presentation, 2019

  • 王依姝,博士研究生国家奖学金, 2019

  • Yiming Lei, ASBMR Education Emerging Country Young Investigator Award,2019

  • Yiming Lei, ICMRS, Third Young Investigator Prize, oral presentation, 2019

  • Lei Qin, ICMRS, First Young Investigator Prize, oral presentation, 2019

  • 刘鑫, 校十佳毕业生候选人,校级优秀毕业生, 2019

  • 曹惠玲, 深圳市科创委自由探索基金, 50万,2019

  • 高焕庆, 深圳市科创委基金, 40万,2019

  • Huiling Cao, ICMRS Webster Jee Travel Award, 2018

  • Xin Liu, ASBMR Travel Award, Plenary Poster, 2017

  • Xin Liu, ICMRS, First Young Investigator Prize, oral presentation, 2017

  • Huiling Cao, ICMRS, First Young Investigator Prize, oral presentation, 2017

  • Huiling Cao, ASBMR, Plenary Poster, 2017

  • Huiling Cao, ASBMR Travel Award, Plenary Poster, 2016

  • 曹惠玲, 国自然青年基金, 21.16万,2016