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Vice provost, minister of teaching department

Education background
◆ 1985.09-1988.07 Peking University Solid Mechanics Master of Science
◆ 1981.09-1985.07 Bachelor of Science in Theory and Applied Mechanics, Peking University

◆ Mathematical Analysis (1, 2, 3) 1988-present
◆ In 1988, he was a teacher of the course. Since 1992, he has been a lecturer. He has been teaching 28 semesters. The course has been renamed as calculus (1 and 2) and advanced calculus.
◆ Elasticity 2001 to present
Since 2001, he has been the lecturer of "Engineering Elasticity". Since 2003, he has been the lecturer of the national elite course "Elasticity Mechanics". He has taught 13 semester courses.
◆ Functional Analysis 1997 to present
Since 1997, he has been a lecturer in the “Functional Analysis” of the compulsory postgraduate course. He is a lecturer of 3 semesters.
◆ Modern differential geometry 1990 to present
Since 1990, he has been a lecturer in the "Resistant Differential Geometry" of the Graduate Restrictive Course. He is a five-semester course.
◆ Higher Solid Mechanics 2004-present
Since 2004, he has been a lecturer in the "Research on Advanced Solid Mechanics" for graduate students. He is a lecturer for 2 semesters.

Teaching awards
◆ Peking University Teaching Excellence Award 1993,1995
◆ "Modernization of Mathematics Courses in Mechanics" won the first prize of Beijing Excellent Teaching Achievement, the fourth winner 1997
◆ Excellent teachers in Beijing 1997
◆ Peking University Outstanding Young Teacher Award 1997
◆ Peking University Antai Scholarship 1997
◆ Peking University “Top Ten Teachers Welcomed by Students” 1997, 2012
◆ Zhou Peiyuan Excellent Basic Teaching First Prize 1997
◆ Peking University Excellent Basic Course “Mathematical Analysis” Lecturer 1999
◆ Beijing Federation of Trade Unions “Welcome 50 Years of Daqing, Be a Pioneer of the Century” Patriotic Contest Competition Model 2000
◆ National Quality Course "Elasticity Mechanic" lecturer 2004
◆ Beijing City Excellent Course "Mathematical Analysis" lecturer 2005

Teaching management
◆ Deputy Head of Department of Mechanics, Peking University, in charge of teaching work 1999-2005
◆ Assistant Dean of School of Engineering, Peking University 2005-2007
◆ Associate Dean of School of Engineering, Peking University, in charge of teaching work 2007-2013
◆ Head of Department of Mechanics Science, Peking University 1999-2013

Research projects
◆ Numerical method of nonlinear dynamic system, person in charge, 2006.1-2004.12, National Natural Science Foundation of China (10272001)
◆ Research on aeroelastic stability and dynamic response characteristics of large wind turbines under complex wind conditions, main participants, 2007.1-2011.12, National Key Basic Research Development Program (973 Program) Sub-project (2007CB714603)
◆ Geological body fragmentation damage and fracture medium and fluid interaction model and numerical method, the main participants, 2010.1-2014.12, National Key Basic Research Development Plan (973 Program) sub-project (2010CB731503)
◆ Huadian International Zouxian Power Plant Phase IV 12000m2 Cooling Tower Wind Tunnel Test and Structural Calculation, responsible person, 2003.1-2005.12, Northwest Electric Power Design Institute
◆ Nuclear power super large cooling tower structure research and technical support (structural calculation, special program development), responsible person, 2008.12-2012.12, National Nuclear Power Planning and Design Institute
◆ Research on damage identification and damage evolution of fiber reinforced composite materials, main participants, 2013.1-2016.12, National Natural Science Foundation of China (11232001)
◆ Wind turbine aeroelastic mechanism and nonlinear large deformation structure dynamics research, person in charge, 2014.1-2018.12, national key basic research development plan (973 plan) sub-project (2014CB046202)
Publications and papers
◆ Wu Jike, Huang Overcome, Differential Geometry and Its Application in Mechanics, Peking University Press, 2011
◆ Huang kefu, Wang minzhong, Complete Solution of the Linear Magneto-elasticity and the Magnetic Fields in a Magnetized Elastic Half Space, ASME Journal of Applied Mechanics, Vol.62(12), 1995, pp.930-934
◆ Jin Ming, Huang kefu, Wu jike, A Study of the Catastrophe and the Cavitation for a Spherical Cavity in Hooke's Material with 1/2 Poisson's Ratio, Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (English Edition), Vol.20(8), 1999, Pp.928-935
◆ Wu Jike, Huang kefu, Lin Wenhui, On the equivalence class of linear non-autonomous systems, Progress in Nature Science, Vol.11(3), 2001, pp.184-191
◆ Jin Ming, Huang Overcome, Wu Jike, Microporous Hole Bifurcation of Hooke Materials, Journal of Solid Mechanics, Vol.22(3), 2001, pp.281-286
◆ Jin Ming, Huang Overcome, Wu Jican, Numerical Simulation of Square Plate Elastic Jump -- Part I: Theory and Calculation Scheme, Engineering Mechanics, Vol.18, No.5, pp. 18-28, October 2001
◆ Dai Feili, Huang Kefu, Su Xianyue, Improving a composite wind turbine blade considering minimizing the prospect of flutter with the method of modal analysis technique, IEEE Conference on Wind Turbine. 2009

Social service
◆ Director of the Chinese Society of Mechanics and several committee members of the Society of Mechanics.
◆ Standing director of Beijing Mechanics Association, chairman of the Science Popularization Committee.