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LEI Yang
Assistant Professor

Yang Lei (1989) was a Marine Sklodowska-Curie Fellow. He obtained PhD with Prof Cees Buisman from Wageningen University in 2019 on “electrochemical phosphorus removal and recovery”. Afterward, he worked on electrochemical P recovery at a large-scale in Wetsus as a post-doctoral researcher. In this period, he received the NWO Take-off Grant. In 2021, he joined SUSTech as an assistant professor. Currently, he is leading the Environmental Electrochemistry Laboratory at SUSTech. The mission of his lab is to initiate innovation in addressing the water-food-energy nexus challenge. His team works on energy-efficient wastewater treatment and resource recovery.


Personal website:
ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Yang-Lei-34


Professional Experience:
2021.02-present, Assistant Professor, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), China
2019.12-2020.12, Post-doctoral researcher, Wetsus & Wageningen University, The Netherlands
2016.3-2019.12, PhD researcher, Wetsus, The Netherlands


2016-2019, PhD, Department of Environmental Technology, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
2012-2015, Master, Department of Environment Engineering, Wuhan University, China
2014, Visiting student, Department of Chemical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University
2008-2012, Bachelor, Department of Environment Engineering, Hunan University of Science and Technology, China


Synergistic Activities :
Regular reviewers of scientific journals, including Environmental Science & Technology, Water Research, Chemical Engineering Journal, Science of the Total Environment, Chemosphere.


Awards and Honors:
Marine Sklodowska-Curie Fellow
Natural Science Award of Hubei Province, China (The Third-Class Award)
Marcel Mulder Prize (The highest honor for Wetsus researcher)
Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad
Outstanding Master Thesis of Hubei Province, China
Graduate Student Academic Innovation Award
Outstanding Postgraduate of Wuhan University
Postgraduate Pacesetter of Wuhan University


Selected funded projects:
ECAP: Electrochemical phosphorus removal and recovery from waste streams. NWO Take-off Grant, 40.000 euro, 2020, NWO


Research Interests:
Wastewater Treatment and Resources Recovery, Environmental Electrochemistry


Selected Publications:
1. Lei, Yang*, Zhengshuo Zhan, Michel Saakes, Renata D. van der Weijden*, and Cees JN Buisman. “Electrochemical Recovery of Phosphorus from Acidic Cheese Wastewater: Feasibility, Quality of Products, and Comparison with Chemical Precipitation” ACS ES&T Water, 2021. DOI: 10.1021/acsestwater.0c00263
2. Lei, Yang*, Emilio Geraets, Michel Saakes, Renata D. van der Weijden*, and Cees JN Buisman. “Electrochemical removal of phosphate in the presence of calcium at extremely low current density: Precipitation or adsorption?” Water Research, 169 (2020): 115207
3. Lei, Yang*, Michel Saakes, Renata D. van der Weijden*, and Cees JN Buisman. “Electrochemically mediated calcium phosphate precipitation from phosphonates: Implications on phosphorus recovery from non-orthophosphate” Water Research, 169 (2020): 115206.
4. Lei, Yang*, Santosh Narsing, Michel Saakes, Renata D. van der Weijden*, and Cees JN Buisman. “Calcium carbonate packed electrochemical precipitation column: New concept of phosphate removal and recovery” Environmental Science & Technology, 53, no. 18 (2019): 10774-10780.
5. Lei, Yang, Bingnan Song, Michel Saakes, Renata D. van der Weijden*, and Cees JN Buisman. "Interaction of calcium, phosphorus and natural organic matter in electrochemical recovery of phosphate." Water Research 142 (2018): 10-17.
6. Lei, Yang, Jorrit Christiaan Remmers, Michel Saakes, Renata D. van der Weijden*, and Cees JN Buisman. "Is there a precipitation sequence in municipal wastewater induced by electrolysis?" Environmental Science & Technology 52, no. 15 (2018): 8399-8407.
7. Lei, Yang, Bingnan Song, Renata D. van der Weijden*, Michel Saakes, and Cees JN Buisman. "Electrochemical induced calcium phosphate precipitation: importance of local pH." Environmental Science & Technology 51, no. 19 (2017): 11156-11164.
8. Lei, Yang, Chuh-Shun Chen, Yao-Jen Tu, Yao-Hui Huang*, and Hui Zhang*. "Heterogeneous degradation of organic pollutants by persulfate activated by CuO-Fe3O4: mechanism, stability, and effects of pH and bicarbonate ions." Environmental Science & Technology 49, no. 11 (2015): 6838-6845. (ESI Highly Cited, >380)