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Le Wang
Research Assistant Professor

Mainly engaged in the following research: 1. Single crystal preparation and characterization of heavy fermion and quantum spin liquid materials (mainly for rare earth compounds and magnetic-frustrated materials); Single crystal synthesis and characterization of two-dimensional magnetic materials (mainly for van der Waals materials). 2. Exploration of new quantum materials and research on low-temperature quantum critical behavior.


Research Interest 

Single-crystal growth, Quantum criticality of strongly correlated systems


Education Background

2014/09-2019/06:Ph. D. in Condensed Matter Physics, Institute of physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences;

2010/09-2014/06:B. S. in Department of Physics, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University.


Working Experience

2021/12-present:Research Assistant Professor, Institute for Quantum Science and Engineering,Southern University of Science and Technology;

2019/10-2021/11: Postdoc, University of Science and Technology of China/Southern University of Science and Technology.


Papers and Patents (*Co-first author, †Corresponding author)

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