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Assistant Professor

LIU Xu, Assistant Professor of Southern University of Science and Technology. Xu is also the General Secretary of the Association of Higher Education of Shenzhen Education Society and the General Secretary of Shenzhen Women Scientists Association. She received her Ph.D. from UCL Institute of Education in 2018. Xu has published more than 30 Chinese and English journal articles, including Higher Education and International Journal of Qualitative Studies, etc. She has published 2 books. She has worked as principal investigator to preside over more than 10 projects at various levels, including funding from Chinese National Social Science Foundation. She served as the reviewer of a number of journals. Her research interests focuses on higher education policy and governance,and private higher education.She is the instructor of the courses for undergraduates including "Introduction to Sociology of Education", and "Selected Readings of Influential Chinese and Foreign Educational Masterpieces", etc.

Dr. Liu Xu welcomes doctoral students and young scholars to conduct short-term visits and post-doctoral research in Higher Education.