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Dr. Ye Li is a professor of ocean engineering and technology at Department of Ocean Science and Engineering, Southern University of Science and Technology(SusTech), and the Founding Director of China-Australia Joint Center for Offshore Renewable Energy Harnessing Technology since. He is a Fellow of Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers and Fellow of American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and is world widely well known for his contribution in offshore renewable and energy efficiency technology with a focus on fluid structure interaction. He has developed the 300-meter-long multiple function towing tank at Shanghai Jiaotong University with advanced measurement technology and served as the director and professor while leading several national major projects. He also worked as a senior scientist at U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory for many years where he led ocean renewable efforts. Till now, Dr. Li has published over 100 papers in archived journals with 4ESI highly cited and filed over 50 patents. He was recognized as top 2% scientist by Stanford University. Ye Li received his PhD from Mechanical Engineering Department at UBC.

Educational Background

2007 Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering The University of British Columbia, Canada

2000 B.E. Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Professional Experience

2023-Present Professor, Department of Ocean Science and Engineering, Southern University of Science and Technology,Shenzhen, China

2019-Present Founding Director of Australia-China Joint Center for Offshore Wind and Wave Energy Harnessing Technology

2013-2023 Professor and Founding Director, SJTU Multiple Function Towing Tank Laboratory, Department of Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

2009–2013 Senior Research Scientist, National Wind Technology Center, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), USA

2007 - 2009 Research Scientist, Marine Science Group and Advanced Power System Group, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), USA

Honors and Awards

2022&2023 Top 2% most-cited scientist-Stanford University

2021 Fellow-Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers

2018 Fellow-American Society of Mechanical Engineers

2015 Associate Fellow-American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics


Selected PI Projects in Past Five Year

1. Ministry of Science and Technology(National key R&D project) "Development of China-Australia Offshore Wind and Wave Energy Joint Research Center" 2019-2022

2. National Natural Science Foundation of China " Hydrodynamics of tidal current turbines under real tidal inflow " 2019-2022

3. National Natural Science Foundation of China ”Extreme wind and wave loads on the next generation of offshore wind turbines” 2017-2020


Selected publications (*Corresponding Author):

1. Jiang,B.,Hou,E.,Gao,Z.Ding,J.,Fang,Y.,Khan,S.,Wu,G.,Wang,Q.,Meng,F.and Li,Y.* and Wang, X. (2023“Resource Assessment for Combined Offshore Wind and Wave Energy in China” Science China: Technological Sciences, 66, 2530-2548

2. Leng,J.,Gao,Z.,Wu,M.,Guo,T. and Li,Y.* (2023)“A fluid–structure interaction model for large wind turbines based on flexible multibody dynamics and actuator line method” Journal of Fluids and Structures,118,103857

3. Zhang,L.,Li,Y.*,Xu,W.,Gao,Z.Fang,L.,Li,R.,Ding,B. Zhao,B.,Leng,J. and He.F. (2022)“Systematic Analysis of Performance and Cost of Two Floating Offshore Wind Turbines with Significant Interactions” Applied Energy 321,119341,

4. Gao, Z. T., Feng, X. Y., Zhang, Z. T., Liu, Z. L., Gao, X. X., Zhang, L. J., Li, S., & Li, Y*. (2022). A brief discussion on offshore wind turbine hydrodynamics problem. Journal of Hydrodynamics, 34(1), 15-30. 

5. Li, S. T., Li, Y. *, Yang, C. X., Wang, Q., Zhao, B., Li, D. S., Zhao, R. W., Ren, T. X., Zheng, X. B., Gao, Z. T., & Xu, W. H. (2021). Experimental investigation of solidity and other characteristics on dual vertical axis wind turbines in an urban environment. Energy Conversion and Management, 229, Article 113689. 

6. Ren, Z. R., Verma, A. S., Li, Y. *, Teuwen, J. J. E., & Jiang, Z. Y. (2021). Offshore wind turbine operations and maintenance: A state-of-the-art review. Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, 144, Article 110886.

7. Tang,T.,Xu,W.,Barratt,D.,Bingham,H.,Li.Y.*,Talor,P.,van den Bremer,T., and Adcock,T. (2021)“Spatial evolution of the kurtosis of steep unidirectional random waves” Journal of Fluid Mechanics 908,A3

8. Wu, X. N., Hu, Y., Li, Y. *, Yang, J., Duan, L., Wang, T. G., Adcock, T., Jiang, Z. Y., Gao, Z., Lin, Z. L., Borthwick, A., & Liao, S. J. (2019). Foundations of offshore wind turbines: A review. Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, 104, 379-393. 

9. Xia, Y. K., Xu, K., Li, Y. *, Xu, G. H., & Xiang, X. B. (2019). Improved line-of-sight trajectory tracking control of under-actuated AUV subjects to ocean currents and input saturation. Ocean Engineering, 174, 14-30. 

10. Xu, Q. L., Li, Y. *, Yu, Y. H., Ding, B. Y., Jiang, Z. Y., Lin, Z. L., & Cazzolato, B. (2019). Experimental and numerical investigations of a two-body floating-point absorber wave energy converter in regular waves. Journal of Fluids and Structures, 91, Article 102613.  

Service/Adjunct Position

1.    The University of Edinburgh-Honorary Professor

2.    Australian Maritime College-Affiliated Professor

3.    Journal of Ocean Engineering and Marine Energy-Associate Editor

4.    Journal of Marine Science and Technology-Deputy Editor

5.    Wind Energy-Editorial Board Member

6.    Journal of Hydrodynamics-Editorial Board Member;

7.    Shanghai Center for Ocean Renewable Energy-Technical Committee Chair

8.    Gansu Center for Wind Technology-Technical Committee Chair