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LI Yuanyuan
Assistant Professor

Personal Profile

In June 2019, joined Faculty of Economics & Business Administration (FEBA), South University of Science and Technology. Research interests: Consumer Behavior and Behavioral Decision Making.


Work experience:

March 2015 - May 2019, Department of marketing and e-commerce, School of Business, Nanjing University.


Education background:

University of KU Leuven, Belgium,PhD in marketing (supervisor: Luk Warlop & Sabrina Bruyneel)

Department of psychology, Peking University, Master of applied psychology (supervisor: Xie Xiaofei)

Psychology, University of Helsinki, Finland, Exchange student, (supervisor: Heikki Summala)

Guanghua school of management, Peking University, Human resource management, Bachelor's degree



Consumer behavior;

Behavioral decision making;

Evolutionary psychology;

Attachment theory.




  1. LiY. J., Janiszewski, C., & Liu, Y. *(Accepted). The Anticipated Regret of a Lost Opportunity: When Adding a Second-period Incentive Reduces the Appeal of a One-Period Promotion. Journal of Consumer Psychology (ABS4*, FT50)

  2. Liu, Y., LiY. J. *, & Zhang, H (2022). Uncertainty Reduces Rejections of Unfair Offers in the Ultimatum. Current Psychology.

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  5. LiY. J., & Gong, H.* (2018) Being a Parent Together: Parental Role Salience Promotes an Interdependent Self-construal. Frontiers in Psychology, 9, 1462.

  6. LiY. J., & Liu, Y.* (2018). Are parents patient? The influence of parenting role salience and parental status on impatience. Frontiers in Psychology, 9, 1523.

  7. LiY. & Xie, X.* (2009) The Analysis on the Driving Behaviour of Full-score Drivers in China. Advances in Transportation Studies. Vol. XIX., p.5 (EI).

Working papers:

  1. LiY. J., Lin, S., Gong, H.* Wang, X. & Janiszewski, C. (Invited Revision). Time is shrinking from the eye of AI: Algorithmic recommendation increases impatience.

  2. Liu, Y. & LiY. J.*, Zhang, R. (Invited Revision). The sunk cost bias looms larger under stress.

  3. Liu, Y., Yang, X., & LiY. J. * (Invited Revision). When Going Green Backfires: The Influence of Environmental Commitments on Crowdfunding Success.