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Jun Ma
Assistant Professor

Prof. Jun Ma joined SUSTech in June 2020. His research covers MOCVD of wide-bandgap nitride semiconductors as well as their electronic and optoelectronic devices. Prof. Ma has published over 50 high-quality conference and journal papers on IEDM, ISPSD, IEEE EDL, IEEE TED, APL, etc., and also serves as reviewer for IEEE EDL, IEEE TED, and APL.


Educational Background:

2015.05 – 2019.08 PhD in Microsystems and Microelectronics, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland

2011.09 – 2014.06 Mphil in Electronic and Computer Engineering, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), China

2005.09 – 2009.06 BSc in Microelectronics, Xiamen University, China


Working Experience:

2020.06 – now, Assistant Professor in SUSTech

2019.08 – 2020.02 Research Assistant in EPFL, Switzerland

2010.06 – 2011.08 Research Assistant in HKUST, China

2009.06 – 2010.01 Epitaxy Engineer in San’an Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., China


Research Interests:

Wide-bandgap nitride semiconductors (GaN, AlGaN, AlN)

Epitaxial growth and material characterization

Novel nanostructured devices

LEDs and LDs

Power GaN devices


Selected publications:

  1. Ma*, C. Erine, M. Zhu, N. Luca, P. Xiang, K. Cheng, and E. Matioli*, “1200 V multi-channel power devices with 2.8 Ω·mm on-resistance,” 2019 International Electron Device Meeting (IEDM 2019), Chicago, USA, 2019. (Featured in Nature electronics)

  2. Ma*, G. Santoruvo, Taifang Wang and E. Matioli*, “Impact of fin width on tri-gate AlGaN/GaN MOSHEMTs,” IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices66, 4068 (2019).

  3. Ma*, G. Kampitsis, P. Xiang, K. Cheng and E. Matioli*, “Multi-channel tri-gate GaN power Schottky diodes with low on-resistance,” IEEE Electron Device Letters40, 275 (2018). (Featured in Semiconductor Today)

  4. Ma*, C. Erine, R. Soleimanzadeh, P. Xiang, T. -H Shen, V. Tileli, K. Cheng and E. Matioli*, “Multi-channel tri-gate normally-on/off AlGaN/GaN MOSHEMTs on Si substrate with high breakdown voltage and low ON-resistance,” Applied Physics Letters113, 242102 (2018). (Featured in Compound Semiconductor and Semiconductor Today)

  5. Ma*and E. Matioli*, “2 kV slanted tri-gate GaN-on-Si Schottky barrier diodes with ultra-low leakage current,” Applied Physics Letters 112, 052101 (2018). (Featured in Semiconductor Today)

  6. Ma*and E. Matioli*, “Uni-directional GaN-on-Si MOSHEMTs with high reverse-blocking voltage based on nanostructured Schottky drain,” International Symposium on Power Semiconductor Devices and ICs (ISPSD), Chicago, USA, 2018.

  7. Ma*, M. Zhu, and E. Matioli*, “900 V reverse-blocking GaN-on-Si MOSHEMTs with a hybrid tri-anode Schottky drain,” IEEE Electron Device Letters38, 1704 (2017). (Featured in Semiconductor Today)

  8. Ma*and E. Matioli*, “Slanted tri-gates for high-voltage GaN power devices,” IEEE Electron Device Letters 38, 1305 (2017). (Featured in Compound Semiconductor and Semiconductor Today)

  9. Ma*, D. C. Zanuz and E. Matioli*, “Field plate design for low leakage current in lateral GaN power Schottky diodes: role of the pinch-off voltage,” IEEE Electron Device Letters38, 1298 (2017).

  10. Ma*and E. Matioli*, “High performance tri-gate GaN power MOSHEMTs on silicon substrate,” IEEE Electron Device Letters 38, 367 (2017). (The most popular EDL paper during 2017/01 - 2017/07)

  11. Ma*and E. Matioli*, “High-voltage and low-leakage AlGaN/GaN tri-anode Schottky diodes with integrated tri-gate transistors,” IEEE Electron Device Letters 38, 83 (2017).

  12. Ma*, G. Santoruvo, P. Tandon, and E. Matioli*, “Enhanced electric performance and heat dissipation in AlGaN/GaN Schottky barrier diodes using hybrid tri-anode structure,” IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices63, 3614 (2016).

  13. Ma, X. Lu, X. Zhu, T. Huang, P. Xu and K. M. Lau*, “MOVPE growth of in situ SiNx/AlN/GaN MISHEMTs with low leakage current and high on/off current ratio,” Journal of Crystal Growth414, 237 (2015).

  14. Ma, X. Lu, H. Jiang, C. Liu and K. M. Lau*, “In situ growth of SiNx as gate dielectric and surface passivation for AlN/GaN heterostructures by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition,” Applied Physics Express7, 091002 (2014).

  15. Ma, X. Zhu, K. M. Wong, X. Zou and K. M. Lau*, “Improved GaN-based LED grown on silicon (111) substrates using stress/dislocation-engineered interlayers,” Journal of Crystal Growth370, 265 (2013).

  16. Ma, Q. Zhuang, G. Chen, C. Huang, S. Li, H. Wang and J. Kang*, “Growth kinetic processes of AlN molecules on the Al-polar surface of AlN,” Journal of Physical Chemistry A114, 9028-9033 (2010).