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Mingqiang Ren
Research Associated Professor

Brief Introduction

Joined in SUSTech as research associated professor in 2022.

Research Interests

Emergent phenomena in low-dimensional quantum materials, such as unconventional superconductivity and charge density waves. Major techniques include low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy and molecular beam epitaxy. 

Educational Background

◆2013-2018: Fudan University, Condensed matter physics, PhD

◆2009-2013: Shandong University, Physics, Bachelor

Professional Experience

◆2022-now:SUSTech, research associated professor

◆2018-2021:Tsinghua University, post-doctor

Selected Publications

1. M. Q. Ren, F. J. Cheng, Y. F. Zhao, M. Q. Gu, Q. J. Cheng, B. H. Yan, Q. H. Liu, X. C. Ma, Q. K. Xue, C. L. Song. Chiral Charge Density Wave and Backscattering-Immune Orbital Texture in Monolayer 1T-TiTe2. Nano Letters 23, 10081-10088 (2023).

2. M. Q. Ren, S. Han, J. Q. Fan, L. Wang, P. D. Wang, W. Ren, K. Peng, S. J. Li, S. Z. Wang, F. W. Zheng, P. Zhang, F. S. Li, X. C. Ma, Q. K. Xue, and C.L. Song, Semiconductor-metal phase transition and emergent charge density waves in 1T-ZrX2 (X = Se, Te) at the two-dimensional limit, Nano Letters 22, 476-484 (2022).

3. M. Q. Ren, S. Han, S. Z. Wang, J. Q. Fan, C. L. Song, X. C. Ma, and Q. K. Xue, Direct observation of full-gap superconductivity and pseudogap in two-dimensional fullerides, Physical Review Letters 124, 187001 (2020).

4. X. Liu*, R. Tao*, M. Q. Ren*, W. Chen, Q. Yao, T. Wolf, Y. J. Yan, T. Zhang, and D. L. Feng, Evidence of nematic order and nodal superconducting gap along [110] direction in RbFe2As2, Nature Communications 10, 1039 (2019).

5. M. Q. Ren, Y. J. Yan, X. H. Niu, R. Tao, D. Hu, R. Peng, B. P. Xie, J. Zhao, T. Zhang, and D. L. Feng, Superconductivity across Lifshitz transition and anomalous insulating state in surface K-dosed (Li0.8Fe0.2OH)FeSe, Science Advances 3, e1603238 (2017).

Research ID: KHV-8463-2024