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Jifeng Shao
Research Assistant Professor

My research is mainly focused on the magnetoelectric transport properties of single crystal and low-dimensional devices such as superconductors, magnetic topological insulators, magnetic heterojunctions and graphene under comprehensive extreme conditions of ultra-low temperature, strong magnetic field, high pressure and electrostatic field.

Research Interest 

Superconductors, magnetic topological insulators and the synergistic tuning effects of pressure and gate on the low-dimensional devices.

Education Background

2011.09-2016.07, Ph.D., University of Science and Technology of China

2007.09-2011.07, B.S., Northwestern Polytechnical University

Working Experience

2020.12-present: Research Assistant Professor at Southern University of Science and Technology

2018.10-2020.11: Joint Post-Doc. at University of Science and Technology of China & Southern University of Science and Technology

2017.06-2018.09: Research Associate at Sun Yat-Sen University

2016.07-2017.05: Senior Researcher at BOE Technology Group Co.

Papers and Patents

1. Zixun Zhang#, Jifeng Shao#, Feng Jin#*, Kunjie Dai, Jingyuan Li, Da Lan, Enda Hua, Yuyan Han, Long Wei, Feng Cheng, Binghui Ge, Lingfei Wang, Yue Zhao*, and Wenbin Wu*, Uniaxial Strain and Hydrostatic Pressure Engineering of the Hidden Magnetism in La1-xCaxMnO3 (0 ≤ x ≤ 1/2) Thin Films, Nano Letters, 22,18, 7328-7335 (2022).

2. Bingbing Lyv, Le Wang, Yifan Gao, Shu Guo, Xuefeng Zhou, Zhanyang Hao, Shanmin Wang, Yue Zhao, Li Huang, Jifeng Shao*, and Mingyuan Huang*, Structural and Magnetic Phase Transition in Quasi-2D Material VBr3, Physical Review B, 106,085430 (2022).

3. Jifeng Shao#, Yuntian Li#, Meng Zeng, Jingyuan Li, Xuefeng Wu, Xiao-Ming Ma, Feng Jin, Ruie Lu, Yichen Sun, Mingqiang Gu, Kedong Wang, Wenbin Wu, Liusuo Wu, Chang Liu, Qihang Liu*, and Yue Zhao*, Pressure-Tuned Intralayer Exchange in Superlattice-Like MnBi2Te4/(Bi2Te3)n Topological Insulators, Nano Letters, 21, 5874-5880 (2021).

4. Jifeng Shao, Wenka Zhu, Emerging superconductivity and topological states in bismuth chalcogenides, Superfluids and Superconductors, Chapter 6, (2018).

5. Guan Du, Jifeng Shao, Xiong Yang, Zengyi Du, Delong Fang, Jinghui Wang, Kejing Ran, Jinsheng Wen, Changjin Zhang*, Huan Yang*, Yuheng Zhang, and Hai-Hu Wen*, Drive the Dirac Electrons into Cooper Pairs in SrxBi2Se3, Nature Communications 8, 14466 (2017).

6. Yonghui Zhou, Xuliang Chen, Ranran Zhang, Jifeng Shao, Xuefei Wang, Chao An, Ying Zhou, Changyong Park, Wei Tong, Li Pi, Zhaorong Yang*, Changjin Zhang* and Yuheng Zhang, Pressure-induced reemergence of superconductivity in topological insulator Sr0.065Bi2Se3, Physical Review B 93, 144514 (2016).

7. Zhongheng Liu#, Xiong. Yao#, Jifeng Shao#, Ming Zuo, Li Pi, Shun Tan, Changjin Zhang*, and Yuheng Zhang, Superconductivity with topological Surface State in SrxBi2Se3, Journal of the American Chemical Society 137, 10512 (2015).

8. Jifeng Shao, Xiong Yao, Zhongheng Liu, Li Pi, Shun Tan, Changjin Zhang* and Yuheng Zhang, Superconductivity in BiO1-xFxBiS2 and possible parent phase of Bi4O4S3 superconductor, Superconductor Science and Technology 28, 015008 (2015).

9. Jifeng Shao, Zhongheng Liu, Xiong Yao, Lei Zhang, Li Pi, Shun Tan, Changjin Zhang* and Yuheng Zhang, Superconducting properties of BiSe2-based LaO1-xFxBiSe2 single crystals, EPL 107, 37006 (2014).

10. Jifeng Shao, Zhonghong Liu, Xiong Yao, Li PI, Shun Tan, Changjin Zhang*, and Yuheng Zhang, Bulk superconductivity in single-phase Bi3O2S3, Physica Status Solidi-Rapid Research Letters 8,845 (2014).

11. Min Ge, Shun Tan*, Jifeng Shao, Li Pi, Yuheng Zhang, Interaction between 3d-, 4d- and 5d- electron in Sr2Ir1-x(Ru,Ti)xO4, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 369, 223-227 (2014).

12. Yi Yu, Jifeng Shao, Shun Tan, Changjin Zhang*, and Yuheng Zhang, Superconductivity in vacuum annealed Bi6O8S5, Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 82, 034718 (2013).