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Songbai HAN
Research Professor


  • Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry, Graduate University of CAS, 2003-2006

  • MS in Analytical Chemistry, Jilin University, 2000 -2003

  • BS in Chemistry, Jilin University, 1996 -2000


Professional Experiences  

  • Research Professor,SUSTECH, Dec. 2019—Present

  • Professor, China Institute of Atomic Energy, Sept. 2013—Dec. 2019

  • Pos-Doc, Lujan Center, LANSCE, LANL, US 2008-2009

  • Associate Professor, China Institute of Atomic Energy, Sept. 2008—Dec. 2013

  • IAEA Fellowship, HMI (HZB), German, Oct. -Dec., 2007

  • Assistant Professor, China Institute of Atomic Energy, Sept. 2006—Dec. 2008


Research Interests and Professional Activities 

Prof. HAN’s research interests are focused on development and application of neutron / X-ray diffraction and imaging techniques on studying advanced functional materials and devices, including lithium cell materials, fuel cells, negative thermal expansion materials, rare earth permanent magnet materials, super-hard materials, porous mineral material, MOFs and so on.



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