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Assistant Professor

TANG Xin is an Assistant Professor at The Centre for Complex Flows and Soft Matter Research and Department of Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering. He obtained his bachelor’s degree from University of Science and Technology Beijing and his master’s degree (distinction) from the University of Hong Kong. He received the degree of doctor of philosophy accompanied by the Li Ka Shing Prize and Norman W.M. Ko Ph.D. Prize from the University of Hong Kong in 2019. In 2019-2022, he continued his research as a postdoctoral fellow and received the title of Research Grants Council (RGC) post-doctoral fellow. TANG Xin is interested in the interfacial phenomena and technology (liquid/solid interaction, superwettability, nature-inspired engineering), soft matter (droplet, colloid), and nanotechnology (nanomaterials, nanostructures, size effect). His main academic contributions are as follows: 1. Discovered and delineated the furcated droplet motility on crystalline surfaces (Nature Nanotechnology 2021); 2. Designed lossfree fluid gripper and photopyroelectric microfluidics for precise droplet manipulations (Nature Communications 2017; Science Advances 2020); 3. Studied the enhanced droplet deposition on nonwetting surfaces using thin lubricant overlayer (Nature Communications 2021).



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1. Wang L. Q. (50%) and Tang X. (50%) 2016, Method for Rapid and Precise Manipulation of a Tiny Volume of Liquid Droplets (US patent, US 62/329,022).

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