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WANG Jianchun

Jianchun Wang, PhD. is a tenure-track associate professor in the Grubbs Institute, SUSTech. He obtained B.S. in chemistry from Peking University in 2014. After that, he went to the U.S. for graduate school. Under the supervision of Prof. Guangbin Dong, he obtained PhD in chemistry from the University of Chicago. One of the major contributions of his research is designing several families of norbornene co-catalysts to solve many major challenges in the Pd/NBE catalysis field. During 2019 – 2021, he became postdoctoral researcher at Caltech with Bob Grubbs, where he majorly focused on electrochemical CO2 reduction as well as olefin metathesis. He joined SUSTech in Oct 2021.

The Wang group at SUSTech is focused on organic synthesis (transition metal catalysis and electrocatalysis) Especially, we are interested in borrowing new concepts from the field of electrochemical materials, so that we can design novel new electrocatalysts and explore novel and simple solutions for challenges in organic chemistry.


2020, Reaxys PhD Prize, winner, Elsevier

2018, Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self Financed Students Abroad, China Scholarship Council

2018, William Rainey Harper Dissertation Completion Fellowship Award, University of Chicago

2018, George Van Dyke Tiers Graduate Fellowship, University of Chicago

2017, Everett E. Gilbert Memorial Prize for the Best Third Year Experimentalist in Organic Chemistry, University of Chicago

2013, Kwang-Hua Scholarship, Peking University

2012, Pangu Scholarship, Peking University

2011 Wusi Scholarship, Peking University


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