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Research Assistant Professor


Ph.D. in Physics, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Ph.D. 2016

Ph.D. in Physics, Sichuan University, Ph.D. 2014



2018.07-Present, Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies, Southern University of Science and Technology, Research Assistant Professor

2016.07 – 2018.07,   Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Nevada, Postdoctoral Associate


Research interests

1)Synthesis and Characterization of New Materials under High Pressure; 2)Elastic and Plastic Performance Studies of Materials under High-Pressure and Temperature; 3)Crystal Structures and Photoelectricity Properties Investigation of 2d Materials under High-Pressure; 4)

Spin-crossover, Large-Volume Collapse, and Semiconductor-to-Metal Transition of High-Spin State Materials under High Pressure.


Awards and Honors

Chinese Diligence Scholarship,

CSC Overseas Study Scholarship

Overseas High-Caliber Personnel (Level C)


Selected Publication

  1. Pei Wang, Yonggang Wang, Jingyu Qu, Qiang Zhu, Wenge Yang, Jinlong Zhu, Liping Wang, Weiwei Zhang, Duanwei He, and Yusheng Zhao. Pressure-induced structural and electronic transitions, metallization, and enhanced visible-light responsiveness in layered rhenium disulphide. Physical Review B 97, 235202 (2018)
  2. Pei Wang*, Ravhi Kumar, S. Esakki Muthu, Xintong Qi, Xinyu Zhang, Dmitry Popov, Andrew Cornelius, Baosheng Li, Yusheng Zhao, and Liping Wang. Vanadium Diboride (VB2) Synthesized at High Pressure: Elastic, Mechanical, Electronic, and Magnetic Properties and Thermal Stability. Inorganic Chemistry 57, 1096-1105 (2018)
  3. Pei Wang, Yonggang Wang, Liping Wang, Xinyu Zhang, Xiaohui Yu, Jinlong Zhu, Shanmin Wang, Jiaqian Qin, Kurt Leinenweber, Haihua Chen, Duanwei He and Yusheng Zhao. Elastic, magnetic and electronic properties of iridium phosphide Ir2P. Scientific Reports, 6, 21787, (2016)
  4. Pei Wang, Duanwei He, Liping Wang, Zili Kou, Yong Li, Lun Xiong, Qiwei Hu, Chao Xu, Li Lei, Qiming Wang, Jing Liu, and Yusheng Zhao. Diamond-cBN Alloy: A Universal Cutting Material. Applied Physics Letters 107, 101901 (2015) Highlighted by Forbes, AIP News, Physics News, ASM International, Ceramic Tech Today, etc.
  5. Pei Wang, Fang Peng Li Lei, Haihua Chen, Qiming Wang, Chao Xu, Ke Liu, Xiangtian Ran, Jianghua Wang, Mingjun Tang, Wendan Wang, Jing Liu, and Duanwei He. High-pressure synthesis and in-situ high pressure x-ray diffraction study of cadmium tetraphosphide. Journal of Applied Physics 113, 053507 (2013)