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Wang Pengfei
Research Assistant Professor

Brief Introduction

Dr. Wang received his Ph.D. in energy and environmental engineering from the Dalian University of Technology in 2019. His research interests include gas hydrate extraction, gas hydrate technology application and carbon dioxide sequestration, etc. He has extensive and in-depth research on hydrate crystal structure, thermodynamics and kinetics of hydrate phase transformation. He has published 22 SCI papers and 5 invention patents.


Educational Background

2013-2019: Ph.D. in energy and environmental engineering, Dalian University of Technology

2017-2018: Visiting student in Chemical mechanical Engineering, University of Western Australia

2009-2013: B.S. in oil-gas storage and transportation engineering, East China University of Science and Technology


Professional Experience

2019-2021: Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Physics, Southern University of Science and Technology

2021-now: Research Assistant Professor, SUSTech Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies, Southern University of Science and Technology


Research interests

Exploitation of natural gas hydrate, hydrate-based technology application, gas hydrate crystal structure characteristics, CCS,Neutron technology applications


Selected Publication

1. Wang Pengfei, Teng Ying,Zhu Jinlong,Bao Wancheng, Han Songbai, Li Yun, Zhao Yusheng, Xie Heping. Review on the synergistic effect between metal–organic frameworks and gas hydrates for CH4 storage and CO2 separation applications. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. 2022,167,112807.

2. Wang Pengfei, Li Kehan, Yang Jianyu, Zhao Yusheng, Zhu Jinlong, Teng Ying. Experimental and theoretical study on two-step dissociation of hydrogen-propane hydrate and its application in hydrate-based hydrogen storage. Chemical engineering Journal.2021,426,131279.

3. Wang Pengfei, Wang Shenglong, Song Yongchen, Yang Mingjun. Dynamic measurements of methane hydrate formation/dissociation in different gas flow direction. Applied Energy. 2018;227:703-709.

4. Bao Wancheng, Teng Ying, Wang Pengfei*, Li Yun, Zhu Jinlong, Han Songbai, et al. Molecular analysis of hydrogen-propane hydrate formation mechanism and its influencing factors for hydrogen storage. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. 2023.

5. Wang Pengfei, Kang hongwei, Teng Ying, et. al. Quest for optimal nanoconfinement for hydrate-based CO2 capture. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering. 2022;10:109021.

6. Wang Pengfei, Yang Mingjun, Chen Bingbing, Zhao Yuechao, Zhao Jiafei, Song Yongchen. Methane hydrate reformation in porous media with methane migration. Chemical Engineering Science. 2017;168:344-51.

7. Teng Ying, Wang Pengfei*, et al. Capillary trapping characteristics of CO2 sequestration in fractured carbonate rock and sandstone using MRI. Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering. 2022:104809.

8. Teng Ying, Wang Pengfei*, Zhou Yabin, Wei Yang. Potential applications of distributed optical fiber sensor in hydrate-induced sedimentary deformation research. Energy Science & Engineering. 2021;00:1-9.

9. Wang Pengfei, Teng Ying. Numerical and Experimental Research on Gas Production from Methane Hydrate under Water–Excess Conditions. Energy&Fuels. 2021; 35(6): 4848-4857.

10. Wang Pengfei,Teng Ying, Zhao Yusheng, Zhu Jinlong. Experimental studies on gas hydrate-based CO2 storage: State-of-the-art and future research directions. Energy Technology. 2021. 2100004.

11. Wang Pengfei, Zhou Hang, Ling Zheng, Li Yuanping. Hydrate formation characteristics as CO2 flowing through depleted methane hydrate deposits, Energy Technology,2018,1186-1195

12. Teng Ying#, Wang Pengfei#, Jiang L, Liu Y, Wei Y. New Spectrophotometric Method for Quantitative Characterization of Density-Driven Convective Instability. Polymers. 2021;13:661.

13. Wang Pengfei, Yang Mingjun, Jiang Lanlan, Zhao Yuechao, Song Yongchen. Effects of Multiple Factors on Methane Hydrate Reformation in a Porous Medium. ChemistrySelect. 2017;2:6030-5.

Authorized patents

1. Yongchen Song, Pengfei Wang, Mingjun Yang, Jiafei Zhao,Weiguo Liu, Yu Liu. Experimental apparatus for hydrate formation in composite multiphase fluid pipeline. 2015. CN (Patent) ZL201410627949.4, issued Sep. 08, 2015.

2. Yongchen Song, Mingjun Yang, Pengfei Wang, Jiafei Zhao, Yanghui Li, Zheng Ling. 2017. The utility model relates to a semi-continuous piston type hydrate piece formation device. CN (Patent) ZL201510589255.0, issued Apr. 12, 2017.

3. Yongchen Song, Mingjun Yang, Pengfei Wang, Yu Liu, Lanlan Jiang. 2015. The invention relates to a bubbling hydrate method for carbon dioxide capture system. CN (Patent) ZL201410166253.6, issued Sep. 29, 2015.

4. Yongchen Song, Bingbing Chen, Mingjun Yang, Pengfei Wang. 2017. The invention relates to a method and device for natural gas hydrate extraction and seawater desalination based on solar energy technology. CN (Patent) ZL201611119553.4, issued Dec. 28, 2018.

5. Yongchen Song, Mingjun Yang, Bingbing Chen, Weiguo Liu, Yanghui Li, Pengfei Wang. 2017. The invention relates to an in-situ combustion method and an apparatus for natural gas hydrate extraction. CN (Patent) ZL201510938910.9,


2023 Early-Career Editorial Board Member of Energy Reviews

2022 Outstanding Open Science Author of WILEY

2021 Overseas High Caliber Personnel in Shenzhen

2018 Outstanding Graduate of Liaoning Province

2017 National Scholarship for Graduate students

2017 Excellent Report Award of The Western Australian Chinese Science Association