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WANG Pinghui
Chair Professor
RAE Foreign Full Member

WANG Pinghui
RAE Foreign Full Member/ Chair Professor
Innovation Center for Aerospace Technology
E-mail: wangph@sustech.edu.cn


Prof. WANG has engaged in the technological research and product development in the field of aerospace, with the major research direction being the unmanned system technology, electronic technology, information perception and processing technology. He has rich experience in the technical pre-research and project development in the fields of UAV overall design, communication data, satellite navigation, photoelectricity and radar load. He has served as chief designer of a certain project and organized the engineering development and project development of a couple of models. He has rich experience in the pre-research management, quality management, scientific research and production management, reliability and standardization, and technique management. He ever acted as the Vice Director of the Chinese Satellite Navigation System Test and Evaluation and Experimental Verification Expert Group, Vice Chairman of the China Information Industrialization Development Committee Internet of Things Expert Committee and Member of the National Science and Technology Basic Conditions Platform Construction Expert Group. He has written a couple of books such as Scientific and Technological Projects Evaluation Methods and Evaluation Method for the Three-dimension Model Analysis and Processing Scientific and Technological Projects, and has got multiple patents for invention such as A Method of UAV’s Objection Positioning, which has been granted the National S&T Progress Award, the COSTIND S&T Progress Award, the Military S&T Progress Award and the Aerospace Innovation Award and the Aerospace Fund Award, among others.


Research Directions

Unmanned system technology: system overall design, UAV design, unmanned vehicle design;

Electronic technology: measurement and control data chain, satellite navigation, synthetic aperture radar and photoelectric detection load;

Information perception and processing: sensor network, satellite remote sensing, aerosurvey, information processing



2013 Aerospace Innovation Award

2013 National Defense S&T Progress Award, First prize 

2003 Aerospace Fund Award

2002 Military S&T Progress Award, Third prize 

2001 Military S&T Progress Award, Third prize 

1996 COSTIND S&T Progress Award, Third prize