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WANG Xiaofei
Research Associate Professor


2012 – 2015 Tianjin University, Materials science, PhD

2012 China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, Joint PhD

2009 – 2012 Tianjin University, Materials science, Master


Work Experience

2018 – now SUSTech Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies, Research Associate Professor

2017 Virginia Tech, Visiting scholar

2015 – 2017 Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen), Postdoctoral


Research Area

Research interests include preparation, characterizations, and performances of the advanced structural/functional materials, biomimetic materials, and composites. Investigations focus on: (1) fabrication and properties of new ultra-high temperature thermal protection/insulation materials (fully dense, porous); (2) synthesis and characterization of high temperature ceramic matrix composites (powder, bulk); (3) novel photoelectric materials and devices (nanoscale phosphors, graphene quantum dot materials for information/laser display); (4) manufacturing and performances of biomimetic materials and functional films.



  1. Xiao-Fei Wang, Gui-Gen Wang, Jia-Bing Li, Zheng Liu, You-Xiao Chen, Long-Fei Liu, and Jie-Cai Han, Direct white emissive Cl-doped graphene quantum dots-based flexible film as a single luminophore for remote tunable UV-WLEDs. Chem. Eng. J., 361 (2019) 773-782.

  2. Xiao-Fei Wang, Gui-Gen Wang, Jia-Bing Li, Zheng Liu, Wen-Feng Zhao, and Jie-Cai Han, Towards high-powered remote WLED based on flexible white-luminescent polymer composite films containing S, N co-doped graphene quantum dots. Chem. Eng. J., 336 (2018) 406-415.

  3. Xiao-Fei Wang, Hui-Min Xiang, Jia-Chen Liu, Feng Hou, Yin-Jie Sun, and Yan-Chun Zhou, Gelcasting of Yb3Al5O12 using a nontoxic water-soluble copolymer as both dispersant and gelling agent. Ceram. Int., 42 (2016) 421-427.

  4. Xiao-Fei Wang, Qi Yang, Gui-Gen Wang, Xin-Zhong Wang, and Jie-Cai Han, A new single-component KCaY(PO4)2:Dy3+,Eu3+ nanosized phosphor with high color-rendering index and excellent thermal resistance for warm-white NUV-LED. RSC Adv., 6 (2016) 96263-96274.

  5. Xiao-Fei Wang, Hui-Min Xiang, Gui-Gen Wang, and Yan-Chun Zhou, A green fabrication strategy for porous Yb3Al5O12 ceramics with high strength and tunable gas permeability. J. Mater. Res., 31 (2016) 3078-3087.

  6. Xiao-Fei Wang, Hui-Min Xiang, Xin-Sun, Jia-Chen Liu, Feng Hou, and Yan-Chun Zhou, Synthesis, characterization, and sintering behavior of Yb3Al5O12 powders. Ceram. Int., 41 (2015) 1735-1742.

  7. Xiao-Fei Wang, Jia-Chen Liu, Feng Hou, Ji-Dong Hu, Xin-Sun, and Yan-Chun Zhou, Synthesis of ZrC-SiC powders from hybrid liquid precursors with improved oxidation resistance. J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 98 (2015) 197-204.

  8. Xiao-Fei Wang, Hui-Min Xiang, Xin-Sun, Jia-Chen Liu, Feng Hou, and Yan-Chun Zhou, Mechanical properties and damage tolerance of bulk Yb3Al5O12 ceramic. J. Mater. Sci. Technol., 31 (2015) 369-374.

  9. Xiao-Fei Wang, Jia-Chen Liu, Feng Hou, Xin-Po Lu, Xin Sun, and Yan-Chun Zhou, Manufacture of porous SiC/C ceramics with excellent damage tolerance by impregnation of LPCS into carbonized pinewood. J. Eur. Ceram. Soc., 35 (2015) 1751-1759.

  10. Xiao-Fei Wang, Hui-Min Xiang, Xin-Sun, Jia-Chen Liu, Feng Hou, and Yan-Chun Zhou, Porous YbB6 ceramics prepared by in situ reaction between Yb2O3 and B4C combined with partial sintering. J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 98 (2015) 2234-2239.

  11. Xiao-Fei Wang, Hui-Min Xiang, Xin-Sun, Jia-Chen Liu, Feng Hou, and Yan-Chun Zhou, Thermal properties of a prospective thermal barrier material: Yb3Al5O12. J. Mater. Res., 29 (2014) 2673-2681.

  12. Xiao-Fei Wang, Cai-Rong Gong, and Guo-Liang Fan, Preparation and mechanical properties of silicon oxycarbide fibers form electrospinning/sol-gel process. Mater. Res. Bull., 46 (2011) 2398-2402.

  13. Gui-Gen Wang, Xiao-Fei Wang, Li-Wen Dong, and Qi Yang, Synthesis and photoluminescence of green-emitting Ce3+, Tb3+ co-doped Al6Si2O13 phosphors with high thermal stability for white LEDs. RSC Adv., 6 (2016) 42770-42777.

  14. Yan-Chun Zhou, Xiao-Fei Wang, Hui-Min Xiang, Zhi-Hai Feng, and Gui-Gen Wang, Theoretical prediction, preparation, and mechanical properties of YbB6, a candidate interphase material for future UHTCf/UHTC composites. J. Eur. Ceram. Soc., 36 (2016) 3571-3579.

  15. Zhao-Hui Liu, Xiao-Fei Wang, Teng Mao, Jin-Qiang Sima, Cai-Rong Gong, and Guo-Liang Fan, Precise casting of biomorphic La0.9K0.1CoO3 catalysts derived from pinewood for diesel soot combustion. RSC Adv., 6 (2016) 87856-87862.