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WU Sudong
Research Associate Scientist


2009.10–2013.3 University of Tokyo, Ph.D

2006.9 –2009.7 China University of Geosciences at Beijing, Master

2002.9 –2006.7 China University of Geosciences at Beijing, Bachelor


Working experience:

2018.11 – South University of Science and Technology, Research Associate Professor

2016.9 –2018.10 Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology & Engineering, CAS, Associate Professor.

2014.4 –2016.8 Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology & Engineering, CAS, Assistant Professor/Post doctor.

2013.4 –2014.3 University of Tokyo, Project Research Fellow


Interdiscipline research filed: Dr. Wu’s research interest includes plasma materials engineering, thin film growth and energy device fabrication. His specialties lie in the controllable growth of thin films and nanomaterials based on plasma and other vacuum technologies. He has participated strongly on the development of a newly categorized mesoplasma chemical vapor deposition technique, and the materials studied includes semiconductor films, optical films, super-hard films and vertically orientation graphene, etc. Applications include optoelectronic devices, energy storage devices and strain sensors, etc.


Honor:Marubun Research Promotion Foundation Exchange Research Grant Award (2011, Japan)



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