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XUE Yahui
Associate professor

Associate Professor Yahui Xue graduated from the Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science at Peking University in 2009 and 2015 with a bachelor's degree in theoretical and applied mechanics and a doctorate in solid mechanics, respectively. From 2011 to 2013, he worked as a visiting scholar in the Institute of Materials Research at Helmholtz Zentrum Geesthacht in Germany. From 2016 to 2021, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at University of California, Berkeley. From June 2021 to May 2022, he served as an assistant professor in the Department of Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering at Southern University of Science and Technology, and from June 2022 served as an associate professor.

The research interest lies in the fields of micro-nanomechanics, solid-liquid interfaces, and micro/nanostructured materials, etc., and the main aim is to use novel materials and new methods to resolve fundamental problems related but not limited to wetting stability of micro/nanostructures and liquid flow control at nanometer. Main scientific achievements include:

(1) A thermodynamic framework was established to describe the wetting states and their stability on the surfaces of submerged complex micro/nanostructures under the influence of hydrostatic pressure, gas diffusion and fluid flow. The optimized power-law relationship was found between the diameter and spacing of the setae on superhydrophobic surfaces of water striders’ legs or some insects’ wings. The dependence of liquid slippage on the adhesion property of solid surfaces was uncovered and the underlying micromechanism was explained. This inspires more energy-efficient vessel designs with improved hydrodynamic performance.

(2) A new method based on electrocapillary flow was proposed for precise control of liquid transport in extremely small volume. On-off switchable capillary flow in nanoscale pores was demonstrated by using low voltage control, and the law governing the electrocapillary imbibition in novel nanoporous media (such as nanoprous gold and carbon nanotube sponges) was revealed. The application in enhanced oil recovery using those novel nanoporous media was demonstrated.

 (3) The mechanism of concerted ion movement induced by electrostatic interaction between densely packed ions was discovered, and a mean-field theoretical model was established to predict the effective diffusion coefficient of ions in atomic scale graphene channels, and simultaneously ultrafast and highly selective ion transport in atomic-scale graphene channels under electrical gate control was realized. The finding can contribute to the design of artificial neuron networks and emerging electrodes with superfast charging speed.



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