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XU Hongli
Research Assistant Professor

XU Hongli
Research Assistant Professor 
Innovation Center of Advanced Materials
E-mail: xuhl3@sustech.edu.cn


Research Fields 

Solid Polymer Electrolyte;high-performance polymer; functional polymer materials


Education Background 

2017/08 - 2018/06   Southern University of Technology,Department of Materials and Engineering,visiting student

2012/11 - 2017/06   Delft University of Technology,Department of Aerospace Engineering,Doctor

2009/09 - 2012/06   University of Science and Technology of China, Department of Polymer Science and Engineering, Master

2005/09 - 2009/06   Anhui University of Technology, Department of Polymer Materials and Engineering, Bachelor


Work Experiences 

2021/05 - now   Southern University of Technology, School of innovation and Entrepreneurship, Research Assistant Professor 

2018/12 - 2021/05   Southern University of Technology, School of innovation and Entrepreneurship, Research Associate


Project Experiences 

2018-2023   SUSTech-VIP Coatings Joint Lab for Novel Materials(K1842Z047), RMB 50,00,000, Principal Investigator


Honors & Awards 

2019    Nanshan District Pilot Talent Award, Category C,


Publications, Papers & Patents 

Xu, H.; Lu, Z.; Zhang, G. RSC Adv. 2012, 2, 2768.

Xu, H.; Zhang, W.; Lu, Z.; Zhang, G. RSC Adv. 2013, 3, 3677.

Zhu, C.; Xu, H.; Geng, P.; Lu, Z. High Perform. Polym. 2015, 27, 217.

Synthesis and properties of soluble all-aromatic liquid crystal polyesters with reactive end-groups. Hongli Xu, Johan Bijleveld, Theo Dingemans, submitted to Polymer.

Synthesis and characterization of multi-block copolymers containing all-aromatic mesogenic segments. Hongli Xu, Theo Dingemans. Submitted to Polym. Chem..

Phase behavior and shape memory properties of multi-block copolymers containing LC segments. Hongli Xu, Theo Dingemans, manuscript under preparation.

B. Wang, H. Lou, H. Xu, J. Zhao, Q. Wang, Q. Shi and Y. Deng. RSC Adv., 2018, 8, 6373.

C. Luo, L. Du, W. Wu, H. Xu, G. Zhang, C. Wang, Z. Lu, Y. Deng. Submitted to ACS Sustain. Chem. Eng..

Guangzhao Zhang, Hongli Xu, A preparation method of benzoxazine intermediate and the cured thermoset thereof, CN102432560A