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Teaching Associate Professor

Dr. Yang received his PhD in Comparative Literature & World Literature at Peking University in 2014. Before enjoining SUSTECH, Dr.Yang did research and taught at Tianjin Foreign Studies University. He was also an advisor for MA students in the Comparative Literature Institute at Tianjin Foreign Studies University. From 2011 to 2018, he worked as the secretary of the Chinese Society of Comparative Literature, the editor of the journal Comparative Literature & World Literature (published by the Peking University Press).


Professor Yang’s research focuses on comparative poetics and comparative culture. His academic achievements include an academic monograph A Study of Qian Zhongshu's Methodology for Poetics, a Chinese translation of the famous English book Essays in criticism and 20 papers published in many academic journals such as the Zhejiang Social Science.


Professor Yang has taught courses on Chinese language and culture for many international programs. He taught the international students of the Chinese Department “Advanced Chinese: Reading and Writing” at PKU; he taught the Japanese Students from Tokyo Woman’s Christian University “elementary Chinese” at PKU; Professor Yang also worked as a lecturer for the New York University’s summer school and taught “Integrated Chinese” twice. When working at Tianjin Foreign Studies University, Dr. Yang taught the undergraduate courses ‘Chinese Language’ and ‘Foreign Literary History,’ and the postgraduate courses ‘Writing Norms of Academic Papers,’ ‘Methodology of Modern Chinese scholarism,’ ‘Comparative Poetics,’ and ‘Western Literary Theory.’