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YANG Hanxu

Tongliao from Inner Mongolia, Ben Shuo from Lanzhou University, and Doctor of Law from Peking University. He is currently a lecturer at the Center for Ideological and Political Education and Research at Southern University of Science and Technology, a researcher at the Shenzhen Internationalization Strategy Research Center, a member of the National Hong Kong and Macao Research Association, a part-time researcher at the Collaborative Innovation Center for Cooperation between Hong Kong and Macao and the Mainland of Sun Yat-Sen University, and a part-time researcher at the Hong Kong and Macau Basic Law Research Center of Shenzhen University. He has participated in 2 major projects of the National Social Science Fund, 2 general projects of the National Social Science Fund, 1 project of the provincial and ministerial departments, 2 provincial projects, and 3 projects commissioned by the China United Office. Published more than 10 papers.
(1) Academic Papers
1. "Post Colonialism in Hong Kong's Local Consciousness - An Analysis of the Cultural Internal Causes of the Construction of Hong Kong People's National Identity". Hong Kong and Macao Research, 2014, (03);
2. "Analysis of the Dilemma of Hong Kong's National Identity - From the "other" to the "pseudo-subject". Journal of Shenzhen University (Humanities and Social Sciences Edition), 2015, 32 (06) (reproduced by the National People's Congress for copying the "Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Studies");
3. The Origin of the Legitimacy of the "Post-State Structure" of "One Country, Two Systems"——Based on the Investigation and Analysis of Political Philosophy. Journal of Fujian Normal University (Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition), 2017, (04);
4. "The Other Evil" - The Evolution of Hong Kong Youth Social Movement and National Identity. Chinese Youth Research, 2016, (02);
5. "The Flood of Hong Kong Populism and the Decline of Core Values." Theory Monthly, 2017, (02);
6. "Beware of "Citizen Nationalism" Becomes the Mainstream Ideology of "Hong Kong Independence" Organization". "Development and Research Trends" (internal publication of the Central Government Liaison Office in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region);
7. "Towards the Real World - Zizek The Ecological View of Radicalism. Hubei University Journal (Philosophy and Social Sciences), 2016 (02);
8. "on" Hong Kong's civic nationalism "theory scrutiny and criticism" Contemporary Hong Kong and Macao, 2017 (03);
9. "Hong Kong and the Mainland" community of destiny "construction Thinking, SAR Practice and Theory, 2018 (02);
10. "Hong Kong" Local" Movement: From the Others to the Abyss of Freedom of Will, Hong Kong's Bauhinia. 2018 (07).
(II) Subjects
undertaken 1.2017 Youth Ministry Fund of Humanities and Social Sciences Research of the Ministry of Education “Study on the Impact of Radical Localism on the Construction of Hong Kong Youth National Identity and Countermeasures”;
2.2016 Guangdong Social Science Planning Youth Project “Hong Kong” Localism "Social thoughts tracking analysis and effective guiding countermeasures research";
3.2014 Guangdong Education Science "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" (Moral Education Special) "Hong Kong National Education and National Identity Change Research and Enlightenment"; 4.2015
Shenzhen University Humanities Social Science Young Teachers' Support Project "Building a Countermeasure Study of Hong Kong People's "Political Identity" in the Mainland";
5.2017 Shenzhen University Marxist Theory and Ideological and Political Education Special Funding Project "National Identity under the Vision of Marxism and Chinese Culture"
6. Research on the problem; 6. In 2016, the Central People's Government in Hong Kong was commissioned by the Shenzhen Research Center of the Special Administrative Region Liaison Office to commission the project “Hong Kong Independent Organization”;
7. In 2017, the Central People's Government in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Liaison Office Shenzhen Research Center commissioned the project “Hong Kong Theory” Summary of views."