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Research Assistant Professor

Educational Background

2009/09-2015/07  Peking University,Doctor

2005/09-2009/07  Yunnan University,Bachelor


Professional Experience

2017/10 up to now  Southern University of Science and Technology, Research Assistant professor

2015/09-2017/09   Peking University,  Postdoctor

Research Interests

plant photomorphogenesis

plant hormone signal transduction


Honors & Awards

2013-2014 National Scholarship

2013-2014 Peking University Academic Innovation Award


Selected Publication

  • Xi, Y., Yang, Y. ,Yang, J., Zhang, X., Guo, H. (2021) IAA3-mediated Repression of PIF Proteins Coordinates Light and Auxin Signaling in Arabidopsis. PLoS Genet. (# co-first author, *co-corresponding author)

  • Han, X., Yu, H., Yuan, R., Yang, Y., An, F., Qin, G.(2019) Arabidopsis Transcription Factor TCP5 Controls Plant Thermomorphogenesis by Positively Regulating PIF4 Activity. iScience. 15:611-622.

  • Yang, Y., Nicolas, M., Zhang, J., Yu, H., Guo, D., Yuan, R., Zhang, T., Yang, J., Cubas, P., Qin, G. (2018) The TIE1 transcriptional repressor controls shoot branching by directly repressing BRANCHED1 in Arabidopsis. PLoS Genet 14 : e1007296.

  • Yang, Y., Li, L., Qu, L-J. (2016). Plant Mediator complex and its critical functions in transcription regulation. J Integr Plant Biol. 58:106-118.

  • Yang, Y., Ou, B., Zhang, J., Si, W, Gu, H., Qin G, Qu, L-J. (2014). The Arabidopsis Mediator subunit MED16 regulates iron homeostasis by associating with EIN3/EIL1 through subunit MED25. Plant J. 77:838-851.

  • Ou, B., Yin, K.Q., Liu, S.N., Yang, Y., Gu, T., Wing Hui, J.M., Zhang, L., Miao, J., Kondou, Y., Matsui, M., Gu, H.Y., Qu, L-J. (2012). A high-throughput screening system for Arabidopsis transcription factors and its application to MED25-dependent transcriptional regulation. Mol Plant. 4:546-555