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Teaching Associate Professor


Teaching Associate Professor 

Email: zhang@sustech.edu.cn

Research Interests

AI application in industrial engineering and e-business, digital platform user psychology


Professional Education  

  • B.S.Sc., Jilin University, China, 2003

  • Ph.D., Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, China, 2011


Working Experiences  

  • Association Professor (Teaching), School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Southern University of Science and Technology (2023-now)

  • Deputy Director, AI Analytics Lab, Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United International College (UIC) (2021–2022)

  • Assistant Professor, Division of Business & Management, Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United International College (UIC) (2019–2022)

  • Post-doc, College of Management, Shenzhen University (2016-2018)

  • Assistant Professor, Tung Wah College (Hong Kong) (2012-2016)


Project Experiences

  • PI: Drivers of User Well-being in Intelligent Interaction: An Empirical Study of Guangdong Internet Users, The 2020 Thirteenth Five Year Plan Joint Research Project from the Guangdong Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science , 2021/6-2023/6

  • PI: emotion recognition method for Intelligent agent users on the basis of multimodal social digital platform, special project in key fields for Guangdong Province Universities (Natural Science)

  • Co-I: Innovation Development with Internet+ Traditional Industry : Strategic Path, Business Model and Management Transformation, Major Program (Basic and Applied Research) of Educational Commission of Guangdong Province, 2016-2020

  • PI: 2016M600677,Chinese Postdoc Science Fund (First Class), 2016/11-2018/11


Honors and Awards

  • Best Supervisor Award (Guangdong Province), The 2021 National College Student "Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship" Competition.

  • Champion, 2020 AETA AI Algorithm Competition for Earthquake Prediction, organized by Peking University (Shenzhen Graduate School, Institute for Artificial Intelligence), CSDN and Wuhan University (School of Computer Science), 183 teams participated.

  • “Excellent Award”, “Government Service Process Optimization and Efficiency Prediction Based on Knowledge Graph and LightGBM Deep Learning”, the Global Open Data Application Innovation Contest 2021, hosted by Guangdong Government Service Data Administration Bureau, under supervision by the Government of Guangdong Province.

  • Best Paper Award, The 11th International Conference on Machine Learning and Computing Proceedings, Zhuhai, China, February 2019

  • Best Paper Award, The 3rd International Conference on Telecom Technology and Applications, Jeju, South Korea, April 2014


Selected Publications and Patents

  • Zhan, G., Yang, F., Zhang, L.*, & Wang, H. (2022). The Relationship between Mustard Import and COVID-19 Deaths: A Workflow with Cross-Country Text Mining. Healthcare, Vol 10 No 10, pp. 2071 (SCI; SSCI; IF: 3.160; JCR-2). 

  • Zhang, L., Zhan, G.*, Li, Q., & Ren, J. (2022). Does platform type matter? A semantic analysis of user attitude formation on online platforms. Frontier in Psychology, Vol. 13, pp. 1005429. (SSCI; IF: 4.232; JCR-1) 

  • Wang, M., Zhan, G., Lai, K. K., Zhang, L., & Meng, L. (2021). Posts and reviews in P2P online lending platforms: a sentiment analysis and cross-culture comparison. Behaviour & Information Technology, 1-7 (SCI; IF: 3.086; JCR-Q2, CCF-C) 

  • Zhang, N., Zhou, Z., Zhan, G.* and Zhou, N. (2021) How does online brand community climate influence community identification? The mediation of social capital, Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research, Vol 16 No 4, pp. 922-936 (SSCI; IF: 1.906; JCR-Q3) 

  • Zhou, Z., Wang, R., & Zhan, G. (2021). Cultivating consumer subjective well-being through online brand communities: a multidimensional view of social capital. Journal of Product & Brand Management, in print (SSCI; IF: 4.355; JCR-Q2, ABS1) 

  • Zhou, Z., Zhan, G.* and Zhou, N. (2020) How Does Negative Experience Sharing Influence Happiness in Online Brand Community? A Dual-Path Model, Internet Research, Vol 30 No 2, pp. 575-590 (SCI/SSCI; IF: 4.708; JCR-Q1) 

  • Zhan, G., Wang, M., & Zhan, M. (2020). Public Opinion Detection in an Online Lending Forum: Sentiment Analysis and Data Visualization. In IEEE 5th International Conference on Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics (ICCCBDA) (pp. 211-213). IEEE. 

  • Zhan, Ge and Zhimin Zhou* (2018) “Mobile internet and consumer happiness: The role of risk”, Internet Research, 2018, 28(3): 785-803. (SCI/SSCI; IF: 3.838; JCR-Q1)



1. A Deep Learning Based Earthquake Prediction Method and System (CN113253336B), Authorized in October 2021 

2. A method and device for doctor recommendation (CN110232971A)

Authorized in January 2022