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ZHANG Haofan
Research Associate Professor

ZHANG Haofan
Research Associate Professor
Innovation Center of Clean Energy
E-mail: zhanghf@sustech.edu.cn


Dr. ZHANG Haofan is currently a Research Associate Professor at School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Southern University of Science and Technology. Obtained bachelor's degree from Hunan University in 2007, and received Doctor’s degree from Brunel University, London, UK, 2012. Founder and general manager of a start-up company. From 2013, as the representative in China to responsible for the International technology transfer and commercialization of Brunel University London, UK. Ten-year experience of testing and project development in terms of alternative fuel for internal combustion engine and combustion process optimization:

  • Experimental research on the dimethyl ether ignited gasoline controlled auto-ignition (CAI) of the single cylinder engine;
  • Technology development and Application of the Diesel/CNG dual fuel engine;
  • Product development and commercialization of “YanTech” engine combustion analyzer;
  • High power density lightweight multi fuel engine.


Research Interests

Clean fuel engine technology, Advanced combustion technology of internal combustion engine, Multi fuel engine technology, High power density lightweight engine technology.


Education Experience

Doctor’s degree ,Brunel University London, UK, 2012

Bachelor's degree, Hunan University, China, 2007


Work Experience

From 2018 to the present, Research Associate Professor, Innovation and Entrepreneurship College of Southern University of Science and Technology.

From 2013 to the present, Representative in China for the International technology transfer and commercialization of Brunel University, London, UK.


Main Awards and Honors

1. The third prize of National University Students' extracurricular academic and technological works competition in the 10th Challenge Cup of Philips in 2008.

2. Outstanding alumni award of British Council "Entrepreneurial Achievement Award" (nomination); During the duke of Cambridge Prince William's visit to China, received by Prince William and the British ambassador to China.

3. The third prize of innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Hebei Province, 2016.


Representative Thesis and Patents

[1]. Zhang, H.F., Seo, K., and Zhao. H., Combustion and Emission Analysis of the Direct DME Injection Enabled and Controlled Auto-ignition Gasoline Combustion Engine Operation, Fuel,Volume 107, May 2013, Pages 800–814., 2013

[2]. A vehicle terminal based on Internet of vehicles,Inventor:Haofan Zhang / Dongdong Song, Patent No.: 201621000753.3

[3]. A real-time data uninterruptible communication device based on the Internet of vehicles system , Inventor:Haofan Zhang / Dongdong Song, Patent No.: 201621000754.8

[4].  An on-line fault diagnosis method for automobile, Inventor: Haofan Zhang / Dongdong Song, Patent No.: 201610831177.5

[5]. Rare earth welding transition steel for high speed railway and the preparation method, Inventor:Mingxu Xia / Jianguo Li / Haofan Zhang , Patent No.: 201611120914.7