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ZHANG Shoumin

Henan people, members of the Communist Party of China. After graduating from the philosophy department of Peking University in early 1982, he stayed on to teach until his retirement. His research interests are Marxist philosophy, basic Marxist theory and socialist theory with Chinese characteristics. In 1993, he was awarded the second prize of outstanding teaching achievements by the Beijing Municipal People's Government. As the moderator or the main member of the research group, he undertakes or participates in the research of two national social science fund major projects; in 2004, he was hired as the "Marxist theoretical research and construction project" project, the scientific connotation and spiritual essence of the important thinking of 'Three Represents' The main members of the research group were invited to be the main members of the "Marxist Theory Research and Construction Project" project "Guide to the Reading of Classical Philosophical Works of Marxism" (Textbook) in 2009; in "Philosophy Research", "Journal of Peking University", There are many published papers such as "The Theoretical Front of Colleges and Universities", and there are "The Collection of Dialectical Materialism". There is no ambition in the chest, obeying the parents' lessons, and keeping the Communists. I like to buy books and like to read the works of philosophy and history of science by Hegel, Feuerbach and Einstein, Bohr, Born, Heisenberg and so on.