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ZHAO Baisong
Research Professor

ZHAO Baisong
Research Professor, Researcher
Hengpu Life Science Research Center Director
E-mail: zhaobs@sustech.edu.cn

Dr. Zhao, Executive Director of the Cell and Gene Therapy Research Center at Southern University of Science and Technology, Director of the Hope Life Science Research Center at Southern University of Science and Technology, Director of the Life and Health Science Research Center at the Innovation and Entrepreneurship College of Southern University of Science and Technology, Director of the Lead Life Biomedical Engineering Laboratory at Southern University of Science and Technology, Senior Researcher, Research Professor, Independent PI. Chief Scientist of the American Longevity Gene Pharmaceutical Research Institute. Associate Editor of American Journal of Translational Medicine (AJTM). Chairman of the Cell and Gene Therapy Committee (CGTC) of International Association of Translation Medicine (IATM). Director of the China Food and Drug Enterprise Quality and Safety Promotion Association and Honorary Director of the Expert Committee of the Cell Medicine Branch. Senior Researcher, Translational Medicine Research Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Academy of Life Sciences. Entrepreneurship mentor of the Expert Guidance Committee for Chinese Overseas Students Returning to China to Start Business. Member of the expert group of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and the National Health Commission. Outstanding talents who returned from studying abroad and started businesses. The first batch of overseas high-end leading talents in Jilin Province. Jilin Province has outstanding young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions. The first batch of "Hundred Talents Plan" distinguished experts in Hunan Province. Zhuhai high-level talents for innovation and entrepreneurship. Director of the Biomedical Special Committee of Shenzhen High-level Talent Association. Vice President of Shenzhen Pharmaceutical Industry Association, Director of Overseas Chinese Scientists and Experts Committee. Dean of the Institute of Aging Health and Anti-aging Research of the Chinese Association of Geriatric Healthcare Medicine, Director of the Office of the Aging Health Promotion Project - Aging Health and Anti-aging Practice Base in China. Director of the Precision Medicine Promotion Project Office of the National Health Working Committee of the China Life Care Association, Director of the Anti-tumor Research Laboratory, and Director of the Anti-aging Research Laboratory. Chairman of China Liquid Biopsy Alliance. Outstanding graduate student mentor at Southern University of Science and Technology.