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Zhao Yishan

Music educator, Professor, Graduate Tutor, Director of the Chinese Musicians Association, and Chief Expert in Digital Music Education and Assessment. During his more than 30 years of teaching at the Central Conservatory of Music, he has served as the Director of the Solfeggio Department and conducted in-depth research in the fields of technical theory of composition, music theory and solfeggio, digital music education and assessment; and presided over and completed several major research projects for the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Culture and Tourism. In addition, Professor ZHAO has written and published dozens of monographs    , becoming a national leader in the discipline of solfeggio theory; and has held the position of Provost and contributed a lot to the construction of the teaching system of the college. During his tenure as Deputy Chief Editor of People's Music Publishing House, he has planned and presided over the publication of many national and provincial awards such as "The Chinese Government Award for Publishing” and "National Publication Fund".