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Zhihong Deng
Research Assistant Professor
Research Assistant Professor

Educational background: 

2008.9−2012.6, B.S., Hunan University of Science and Technology 
2013.9−2015.3, M.S., Hunan University of Science and Technology 
2015.4−2016.6, Joint Master’s Program, Xiamen University 
2016.9−2020.6, Ph.D., Xiamen University 

Work experience: 

2020.7−2022.6, Postdoctoral Fellow, Shenzhen Grubbs Institute, Southern University of Science and Technology 
2022.7−2023.10, Senior Research Scholar, Department of Chemistry, Southern University of Science and Technology 
2023.11−present, Research Assistant Professor, Shenzhen Grubbs Institute, Southern University of Science and Technology 
Honors and awards:

2015, 8th Graduate Innovation Forum of Hunan, Second Prize for Excellent Paper 
2022, 21th National Symposium on Organometallic Chemistry of the Chinese Chemical Society, Best Poster Award 


Organometallic Chemistry, Radical Chemistry, Small Molecule Activation (O2, NOx)


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4. Deng, Z.; Zhu, C.; Hua, Y.; He, G.; Guo, Y.; Lu, R.; Cao, X.; Chen, J.; Xia, H., Synthesis and characterization of metallapentalenoxazetes by the [2+2] cycloaddition of metallapentalynes with nitrosoarenes. Chem. Commun. 2019, 55 (44), 6237-6240.
3. Luo, M.; Deng, Z.; Ruan, Y.; Cai, Y.; Zhuo, K.; Zhang, H.; Xia, H., Reactions of Metallacyclopentadiene with Terminal Alkynes: Isolation and Characterization of Metallafulvenallene Complexes. Organometallics 2019, 38 (15), 3053-3059.
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