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Associate Professor


  • Advanced Laser-based Diagnostics in Combustion

  • Turbulence-Chemistry Interactions

  • Catalytic Combustion

  • Imaging Processing/Analysis Algorithm


◆ 05/2011-02/2015 Ph. D. — Lund University, Sweden

◆ 08/2009-03/2011  Master in Physics — Lund University, Sweden

◆ 08/2006-06/2009  Bachelor in Physics — Tianjin University of Technology, China

Research Experience

◆ 01/2021-                Associate Prof – SUSTech

◆ 09/2019-2020-12  Assistant Prof – SUSTech

◆ 04/2017-08/2019   Postdoc – Sandia National Laboratories, USA

◆03/2015-03/2017  Postdoc – Division of Combustion Physics, Lund University

Awards & Honors

  • Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Doctoral Students Abroad, The China Scholarship Council, 2014

  • Bernard Lewis Fellowship Award, The International Combustion Institute, 2016

  •  Colloquium Chair, 37th International Symposium on Combustion, 2018

Selected Journal Publications

  1. B. Zhou, Jonathan. H. Frank*Wavelet-based algorithm for correction of beam-steering artefacts in turbulent flow imaging at elevated pressuresExp. in Fuild, 60 (8), 136, 2019

  2. B. Zhou, Jonathan. H. Frank*Effect of heat release and imposed bulk strain on alignment of strain rate eigenvectors in turbulent premixed flamesCombust. Flame, 201,290-300, 2019

  3. B. Zhou, M. Costa*, Z.S. Li­, M. Aldén, X.-S. Bai, Characterization of the reaction zone structures in a laboratory combustor using optical diagnostics: from flame to flameless combustion, Proc. Combust. Inst. 36 (3), 4305-4312, 2017

  4. B. Zhou*C. Brackmann, Z. Wang, Z.S. Li, M. Richter, M. Aldén, X.-S. Bai, Thin reaction zone and distributed reaction zone regimes in turbulent premixed methane/air flames: scalar distributions and correlations, Combust. Flame, 175, 220-236, 2017

  5. B. Zhou, Q. Li, Z.S. Li*, X.-S. Bai, M. Aldén, Visualization of multi-regime turbulent combustion in swirl-stabilized lean premixed flames, Combust. Flame 162, 2954-2958, 2015

  6. B. Zhou, C. Brackmann, Q. Li, Z. Wang, P. Petersson, Z.S. Li*, X.-S. Bai, M. Aldén, Distributed reaction in highly turbulent premixed methane/air flames. Part I. Flame Structure CharacterizationCombust. Flame 162, 2937-2953, 2015

  7. B. Zhou, C. Brackmann, Z.S. Li*, M. Aldén, Simultaneous multi-species and temperature visualization of premixed flames in distributed reaction zone regimeProc. Combust. Inst. 1409-1416, 2015

  8. B. Zhou, C. Brackmann, Z.S. Li*, M. Aldén, Development and application of CN PLIF for single-shot imaging in turbulent flamesCombust. Flame 162, 368-374, 2015

  9. B. Zhou, J. Kiefer, J. Zetterberg, Z.S. Li*, M. Aldén, Strategy for PLIF single-shot HCO imaging in turbulent hydrocarbon flamesCombust. Flame 161, 1566-1574, 2014

  10. Z. Wang, B. Zhou, Z.S. Li, S. Yu, C. Brackmann, Z. Li, M. Richter, M. Aldén, X.-S. Bai*Structure and burning velocity of turbulent premixed methane/air jet flames in thin-reaction zone and distributed reaction zone regimes, Proc. Combust. Inst. , 37(2), 2537-2544

  11. Z. Wang, P. Stamatoglou, B. Zhou, M. Aldén, XS Bai, M. Richter, Investigation of OH and CH2O distributions at ultra-high repetition rates by planar laser induced fluorescence imaging in highly turbulent jet flamesFuel, 234, 1528-1540

  12. H. Wang*, E.R. Hawkes, B. ZhouJaqueline H. Chen, Z.S. Li, M. Aldén, A comparison between direct numerical simulation and experiment of the turbulent burning velocity-related statistics in a turbulent methane-air premixed jet flame at high Karlovitz number, Proc. Combust. Inst. 36(2),2045-2053, 2017

  13. C. Brackmann, V.A. Alekseev*, B. Zhou, E. Nordström, P.-E. Bengtsson, Z.S. Li, M. Aldén, A.A. Konnov, ‘Structure of premixed ammonia + air flames at atmospheric pressure - laser diagnostics and kinetic modeling’, Combust. Flame 163, 370-381, 2016