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SHAO Liyang
Associate Professor

In 2008, he obtained a Ph.D. in optical engineering from Zhejiang University. He has worked in such famous universities as Carleton University, University of Sydney, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. The main research directions include distributed optical fiber sensing, fiber grating and fiber laser, photonic crystal fiber device, micro/nano fiber device and sensing, microwave photon sensor measurement. At present, he has published more than 100 academic papers in major international journals and conferences, including 79 articles by SCI, 1 international journal invitation review article (Laser & Photonics Reviews) and 8 international conferences. The papers are cited by others. More than 1200 times (including SCI others cited more than 1,000 times), with 7 authorized Chinese invention patents; research results "miniature fiber vector inclinometer" was reported by Nature Photonic as a research highlight. In 2014, he was selected as the “Yanghua Star” talent plan of Southwest Jiaotong University and the “Thousand Talents Plan” of Sichuan Province. In 2016, he won the “Zhan Tianyou Railway Technology Award Youth Award”. At present, he has presided over the special cooperation project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Research Fund of the 1000-person plan of the Central Organization Department, the Research Fund of the Sichuan 1000-person Plan, the National Natural Science Foundation (the project), the major project of the Provincial Science and Technology Department, and the start-up funding for the Shenzhen Municipal Government.

Educational experience
2003/9 - 2008/6, Zhejiang University, Optical Engineering, Ph.D. (Jointly, Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
1997/9 - 2001/6, Zhejiang University, Optoelectronic Information Engineering, Bachelor

Work experience
2017/08 - Today, Southern University of Science and Technology, Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Associate Professor/Researcher
2013/09 - 2017/07, Professor, School of Information Science and Technology, Southwest Jiaotong University
2016/05 - 2017/05, Southwest Jiaotong University Railway Development Co., Ltd., Senior Consultant / Deputy Chief Engineer (Part Time)
2011/08 - 2013/08, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Electronic Engineering, Hong Kong Polytechnic University;
2012/03 - 2012/09, Senior Visiting Scholar, Cross-Photonics Laboratory, University of Sydney, Australia
2009/08 - 2011/08, Department of Electrical Engineering, Carleton University, Canada, Postdoctoral Fellow
2006/08 - 2009/06, Research Assistant, Department of Electrical Engineering, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
2001/07 - 2003/07, Shenzhen Anna Optical Communication / Hangzhou Concentration Technology, R & D Engineer

Research introduction
Novel microstructured fiber and its application;
Distributed Brillouin time domain sensing technology;
Phase sensitive optical time domain reflection technique;
Microwave photon sensing and measurement technology;
Lidar security application;
Application research of optical information and sensing technology in the fields of rail transit, perimeter security, seismic monitoring, bridge and tunnel safety monitoring.

2016 Won the "Zhan Tianyou Railway Technology Award Youth Award"
2014 Selected in Sichuan Provincial Organization Department “Sichuan Province Thousand Talents Plan”
2014 Selected as the "Yanghua Star" Talent Program of Southwest Jiaotong University
2012 Australian Ministry of Education “Endeavour Scholar Award”

Representative article
1.H. He, L.-Y Shao*, H. Li, W. Pan, B. Luo, X. Zou, and L. Yan, "SNR enhancement in phase-sensitive OTDR with adaptive 2D bilateral filtering algorithm," IEEE Photonics Journal PP, 1-1 (2017) DOI: 10.1109/JPHOT.2017.2700894.
2.H. He, L.-Y Shao*, H. Qian, X. Zhang, J. Liang, B. Luo, W. Pan, and L. Yan, "Novel birefringence interrogation for Sagnac loop interferometer sensor with unlimited linear Measurement range," Optics Express 25, 6832-6839 (2017).
3.L.-Y. Shao*, M. Zhang, K. Xie, X. Zhang, P. Wang, and L. Yan, "The Longitudinal Force Measurement of CWR Tracks with Hetero-Cladding FBG Sensors: A Proof of Concept ," Sensors 16, 2184 (2016).
4.L.-Y. Shao*, J. Zhang, XP Zhang, W. Pan, and LS Yan “Refractive Index Sensing using Dual-Wavelength Fiber Laser Based on Thinned FBG”, IEEE Sensors Journal, 16 (23), 8463 -8467 (2016)
5.L.-Y. Shao*, YP Zhang, ZL Li, ZY Zhang, XH Zou, B. Luo, W. Pan, and LS Yan, “Enhanced performance for differential detection in coherent Brillouin optical time-domain analysis sensors” , Opt. Eng. 55(11), 117101 (2016)
6.L.-Y. Shao*, X. Zhang, H. He, Z. Zhang, X. Zou, B. Luo, W. Pan, and L. Yan, "Optical Fiber Temperature and Torsion Sensor Based on Lyot- Sagnac Interferometer," Sensors 16, 1774 (2016).
7.H. He, L.-Y. Shao*, Z. Li, Z. Zhang, X. Zou, B. Luo, W. Pan, and L. Yan, "Self-Mixing Demodulation for Coherent Phase-Sensitive OTDR System," Sensors 16, 681 (2016).
8.H. He, L.-Y. Shao*, B. Luo, Z. Li, X. Zou, Z. Zhang, W. Pan, and L. Yan, "Multiple vibrations measurement using phase-sensitive OTDR merged with Mach-Zehnder interferometer based on frequency division multiplexing," Optics Express 24, 4842-4855 (2016).
9.L.-Y. Shao*, Y. Luo, Z. Zhang, X. Zou, B. Luo, W. Pan, and L. Yan, "Sensitivity-enhanced temperature sensor with cascaded fiber optic Sagnac interferometers based on Vernier -effect," Optics Communications 336, 73-76 (2015).
10. L.-Y. Shao*, J. Canning, T. Wang, K. Cook, and H. Y. Tam, "Viscosity of silica optical fibres characterized using regenerated gratings," Acta Materialia 61, 6071-6081 (2013).
11.L.-Y. Shao*, M.J. Yin, H.-Y. Tam, J. Albert, “Fiber Optic pH Sensor with Self-Assembled Polymer Multilayer Nanocoatings”, Sensors 13, 1425-1434 (2013).
12. J. Albert, L.-Y. Shao, and C. Caucheteur, “Tilted Fiber Bragg Gratings Sensors,” Laser & Photonics Reviews 7, 83-108 (2013).

Job Offers
Long-term recruitment of post-doctoral, research assistants, doctoral students, including post-doctoral recruitment conditions:
Ph.D. in Optical, Physics and Signal Processing;
Strong independent scientific research ability and solidarity and cooperation ability;
Has certain technical expertise, is good at micro-structure fiber research, distributed sensing technology research, digital signal processing technology, or has advanced cutting-edge technology is preferred;
Has a good English writing ability, and the first author has published SCI papers in relevant professional journals.

Contact information
Email: shaoly@sustech.edu.cn
Address: Building C (Taizhou Building)