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WANG Dejun
Director of the Center for Ideological and Political Education and Research

gender: male

birth year: March 1965

title: professor

Education Background:

1986 Bachelor of Arts degree ,Henan University;;

2001 Master of Philosophy, Henan University;

2008 Ph.D. in Philosophy from Beijing Normal University ;

2003 Visiting Scholar, University of Maryland, USA;

2009 Visiting Scholar, Australian National University.

Work Experience:

Henan University:

1991 Deputy secretary of the Youth League Committee ;

1993 Deputy director of the Student affair Department,

1999 Party secretary of the Political Department,

2004 Deputy secretary of the school discipline committee,

2005 Dean of the School of Philosophy and Public Management,

2006 Henan academic and technical leader.

Southern University of Science and Technology:

2014 Director of student affair department,

2015 Teaching Department Minister,

2017 Director of the Center for Ideological and Political Education and Research.


Sinicization of Marxism, Marxism on the self-development of human beings, ideological and political education of college students, and cultural philosophy.


Undergraduate :

"Situation and Policy"

"Basic Principles of Marxism"


Research on the theory and practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics

Chinese Marxism and Contemporary

Selected works of Marx, Engels and Lenin

Cultural Philosophy



"People and Culture in the Process of Chinese Modernization"(People's Press ,2007 Edition)

"Analysis of Survival Values"(Social Science Literature Press,2008 Edition);

"Life is a landscape"( The Elephant Press,2012 edition).


"The Theory of University Soul Casting Engineering"(Associate Editor, Xinhua Press, 1995 Edition)

"The Values of the Communist Party of China in the New Century"(edited) People's Press,2003 edition.

More than 50 academic papers. The main academic papers are:

  1. on Chinese Traditional Life Concepts", No. 2, "Zhongzhou Journal", 1995(Index of "Ethics" "History of Chinese Ethical Thought", Chinese People university Copy Center, May 1995);

  2. "In order to solve the crisis of survival-A preliminary study of the reasons why China is moving toward modernization", June 1997, Journal of Henan University;

  3. "The two difficult choices between tradition and modernity-Thinking about the construction of modern Chinese culture", "Henan Social Science" in September 1998(The Chinese people university Copy Center "Cultural Research" was reproduced in full in January 1999;

  4. "From logical analysis to intuitive insight-Reflection on Chinese traditional thinking style", "Henan Social Science" in September 1999(reproduced in full in January 2000 by Chinese People university  Copy Center "Logic");

  5. "Human purposeful activities and human self-generation", "Research on Dialectics of Nature", No. 1, 2007;

  6. "The Self of Man and Its Generation", "Zhejiang Social Science", No. 6, 2006,(reproduced in full in the 3rd issue of the "Principles of Philosophy" volume 2007 Chinese people university Copy Center, "Philosophy Yearbook" included);

  7. "Instinct activities, production labor, sports-the characteristics of human existence in terms of the form of human activities", Academic Journal of Zhongzhou, No. 6, 2006;

  8. "Analysis of the Purpose of Human Activities" "Jianghan Forum" No. 2, 2007.

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