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WU Lei
Associate Professor


BSc: 2001/09-2005/06 Zhejiang Normal University (China)

MSc: 2005/09-2008/02 Zhejiang Normal University (China)

PhD:  2010/11-2013/09 University of Strathclyde (UK)


Research and Professional Experiences:

2019/11-Present Southern University of Science and Technology  Associate Professor

2018/12-2019/10  University of Strathclyde(UK) Senior Lecturer

2015/04-2018/11 University of Strathclyde(UK)  Chancellor Fellow &Lecturer

2013/10-2015/03 University of Strathclyde(UK) Postdoctoral Research Associate

2008/09-2010/10 Zhejiang Agricultural and Forestry University: Lecturer



His research interest is in Rarefied (non-equilibrium) Gas Dynamics, in particular to construct efficient and accurate numerical schemes to solve the Boltzmann equation for dilute gases and the Enskog equation for dense gas/liquid- vapour multiphase flows, as well as kinetic modelling for polyatomic gas flows, with applications in high-altitude aerothermodynamics of space vehicles, microelectromechanical systems, shale gas transportation in ultra-tight shale strata, granular flows, multi-scale heat transfer in crystals, and thermal motion of quantum gases.



2019 -16th International Conference for Mesoscopic Methods in Engineering and Science , Edinburgh)
2018- Strathclyde Teaching Excellence Award
2010-2013 Scotland Overseas Research Students Award


2018  New Investigator Award: “CO2-Enhanced Gas Recovery (CO2-EGR): Multi-Scale Simulation of Rarefied Gas Flows in Porous Media”
2018: “Advanced Hybrid Method for Pore-Scale Simulation of Shale Gas Flows”
2017 “Multi-scale and multi-physics high-order lattice Boltzmann modelling of shale gas transport”
2017 Carnegie Research Incentive Grants: “Understanding the rarefied gas flow through porous media”



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